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Employment Permits & Renewals

All non EEA employees must be issued with an employment permit. There are now four main employment permits available:

  • Work permits are available for occupations with an annual salary above €30,000 which are not eligible for a Green Card, i.e. lecturing staff. They are also available for a very limited list of occupations with salaries below €30,000. Generally a labour market test must be completed - but the IUA has agreed that the labour market test is waived for all academic appointments.
  • Green Card Permits are available for all occupations with an annual salary above €60,000 and for a restricted range of occupations with an annual salary above €30,000 and below €60,000 (Researchers are included in this restricted range - other academic appointments are not). There is no need for a labour market test and allows for spouse and children to relocate immediately. (Please note that this green card permit is not like the American green card system).
  • Hosting Agreements while overseen by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and Department of Justice, are issued by the College and are only applicable for Research Staff (Assistants and Fellows).
  • Spousal/dependant work permits allow the spouses and dependants of employment permit holder without the need for a labour market test and now only available to the spouses of Holders of Hosting Agreements.


Work Permits

  • New application (6 months) €500
  • New Application (6 months - 2 years) €1,000
  • Renewal €1,500
Hosting Agreement
  • Free


If an employee is from a country which requires a visa, this is still a requirement even if they do not need a work permit or green card. They should obtain a visa before travelling to Ireland.The recruitment team cannot assist in the obtaining of visas – However, we have produced a guideline document which details the guidelines and requirements of the visa process (PDF 99 kB)

New Applications

Work permits will be sent directly to the employee, therefore it is crucial that the employee specifies an address that is secure for receiving their permit.  The College receives a copy and this cannot be used for travelling purposes.


The recruitment team will endeavour to contact all employees who need renewal employment permits four weeks in advance of the expiry of their current permit.  If you have not heard from us, we encourage you to make contact as soon as possible.

Further Information

If you have any further queries Samantha Peavoy (1678) is available to answer your questions. Employment permit queries are handled from 09:15 to13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 every day.

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