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NTA Update on Travel Pass Arrangements during Covid-19

The National Transport Authority have now confirmed the details of the COVID-19 arrangements for the public operators: Luas, Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, Go Ahead and Bus Éireann. Please note that these arrangements do not apply to Commercial Bus Operators and Ferry Operators.

There are two solutions:

  1. Extensions: Staff who had a valid ticket for Luas, Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, Go Ahead and Bus Éireann on 1st April 2020, and have not requested a refund, will automatically be entitled to a six-month extension from their ticket end date. TravelHub will identify the different sets of these Staff and notify them by email over the coming weeks, including instructions on when and how to activate their extension.

Travel Pass Holders from July 2019 Scheme: If Staff have renewed their Travel Pass through TravelHub to be valid from July 2020 and onwards, the extension will be applied on these renewed tickets by the Operator and Staff are not required to do anything at this time.

Applicable Bus Éireann Point to Point ticket holders will receive a new ticket by post to include this six-month extension.

July 2019 Travel Pass Holders who have not cancelled nor renewed their Pass, to activate the six-month extension, for Luas and Rail please tag your card at any Station and for Bus at any Pay-zone outlet. We have been advised that Staff should allow a couple of weeks before completing this activation while NTA is working through the considerable volume of requests.

  1. Refunds: Staff who do not want the extension and would like a backdated refund, and have not already applied for a refund, will be able to apply for a backdated refund. Refunds can be backdated to April 2020 subject to use. This is also subject to the Operator's normal charges, policies and terms for refunds.

How to apply for Refunds

Travel Pass Holders from July 2019 Scheme: Please note that Annual products are based on a ten-month rate with two months free and this discount is withdrawn if the ticket is cancelled. This is the standard policy for the Operators. You can find more information on this policy here.

This means that Staff from the July 2019 scheme will get a refund only for the  month of April 2020. Hence it is advised that a six-month extension will be more beneficial for these Staff.  For these Travel Pass Holders from the July 2019 scheme only, please email to apply for a refund.

Operators have advised that due to the anticipated volume of requests, it will take them weeks to work through refund requests. Unfortunately, the value of the refund will not be confirmed until the Operator issues the credit note for it, as they will be checking usage on the ticket on their systems, to confirm which months they are refunding. Salary deductions will continue for Staff until the refund is confirmed and the credit note is received by TCD.

We appreciate your patience in these challenging times. We have done our best to manage the communications with the limited information that was published. We could not make solutions available until the details were confirmed by the Government. We are delighted to advise that the systems are now in place to allow Staff to choose the available solutions and manage their tickets.
TravelHub have updated their COVID-19 page with all the details, instructions and the National Transport Authority's FAQs with their comments.

For any further queries or information, please do not hesitate to contact the team at TravelHub on