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Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Education Payroll Shared Services

Last Updated 09/09/2020

What is moving to ESBS?

Only Payroll services will move to ESBS. The HR function will remain with each institute.

Is there evidence that it is a good idea to transfer payroll services to ESBS?

Please refer to the Government's Shared Services Strategy and the Education and Training sector Shared Services Plan 2017-2020 to find more information and evidence to support the transfer of payroll services to ESBS. Both documents are available on the internet.

What are the timelines?

All 3 Proof of Concept Institutes have a target go live date by Quarter 1 2021. Specific details and plans outlining the transition of payroll services to ESBS will be circulated once confirmed.

Who is moving to the fortnightly pay frequency?

All employees currently on a weekly payroll will transition to fortnightly payroll aligned to the ESBS standardised fortnightly pay.

For those changing pay frequency, will they experience a period of time without pay?

We will endeavour to make the transition from weekly to fortnightly pay frequency as easy as possible. Discussions are underway to review options and agree next steps.

When will the pay frequency change come into effect?

The move to fortnightly pay frequency will take place before the HEI payroll services are transitioned to ESBS. 8 weeks notice will be given to employees following this notice to your HEI. The first TCD Fortnightly payroll will be paid on the 12th November 2020.

Once the transition is complete, will there be more transitions down the line i.e. fortnightly moving to monthly?

As part of the move to ESBS there will be no other changes bar the move from weekly to fortnightly. There is no plan to move from Fortnightly to Monthly.

Who tells you what salary I am on?

Your University is responsible for your HR and Personnel records. Any changes will be made at a local level and will feed through to Core Pay directly (Core is the integrated system in use).

Do we need new bank accounts / details etc.? If so, who is our point of contact?

No, your bank details will be brought across as part of the transition to ESBS Shared Services.

I am paid monthly, will this remain monthly?

There will be no change to Monthly pay dates for the Proof of Concept phase of the project.

Who deals with my personal deductions?

Deductions will be handled by ESBS. Some of the current deductions will not transfer across to ESBS. We are still defining the list of deductions to process but communications will be circulated specifically on this as the project progresses.

If needed, who carries out adjustments?

It will depend on the type of adjustment, if it is a salary adjustment this will be actioned by your HEI, whereas other adjustments such as underpayments of overtime will be actioned by ESBS on the instruction of your HEI. Your HEI will provide full details once confirmed.

Do we still have CorePortal?

Yes you will still use CorePortal. A HR App will also be available on your phone.

What information does ESBS staff have access to?

ESBS staff will only have access to information required for processing payroll.

How will the Local Property Tax (LPT) work?

This will not change. Notifications regarding LPT will be sent to ESBS as part of the normal RPN process.

Where do I book leave and will my sick leave be visible to all in ESBS?

This will not change. No, your sick leave will not be visible in ESBS.

Will deadlines change?

Details of deadlines will be made available once defined and agreed with your HEI.

How are local arrangements communicated?

As Is. This will not change.

Who's accountable for ESBS?

ESBS (Shared sServices) is a business unit of the Department of Education and Skills.