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Dignity and Respect, Join the Conversation

You are invited to join us as we begin an important conversation about nurturing a culture of mutual respect, inclusivity and consideration on our campus.

Our communities - be they our families, our places of study, or our workplaces - are built on the foundations of every day individual interactions and it is vital that these foundations are solid and safe, respectful and inclusive. In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in awareness of the issues surrounding inappropriate behaviour in all its forms including disrespect and harassment, physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. These types of behaviour cause lasting damage.

It is our responsibility as members of the Trinity community to proactively address this issue, and to maintain an environment in which our entire community can pursue their studies and perform their jobs in an atmosphere of respect and dignity for all.

This will be a process that takes time and it is important that we get it right.

We will begin by holding a series of facilitated focus groups during which members from across the Trinity community can come together in a safe and confidential space to share their views, and suggest ways forward in nurturing a culture of respect and dignity for all.

The objective of these meetings is to gain an understanding of the challenges we face as a community, and to gain a sense of the support structures needed to ensure that people feel empowered to speak out when they experience inappropriate behaviour. These conversations will also feed into the development of a confidential survey.

Your views are central to this process and will ensure that Trinity is a place that recognises and meets the needs of its entire community. If you can, please sign up to take part in one of these focus groups using the link below.   If you are not in a position to participate at this time, you will have an opportunity to share your views via the confidential survey which will be circulated later this year.

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