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HI3435 Ireland in the Age of O’Connell, 1775-1847


Module Organiser: Prof Patrick Geoghegan
Duration: All year
Contact hours: 3 hours per week
Weighting: 20 ECTS
Assessment: 60% Examination, 40% Essay

Who made the greater contribution to Irish history: Daniel O’Connell or Robert Emmet? Henry Grattan or Wolfe Tone? This module debates the competing views of Irish nationalism in the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the radical republicanism of Tone and Emmet to the constitutional nationalism of Grattan and O’Connell. Key events covered in this module include the 1798 Rebellion, the Act of Union, Emmet’s Rebellion, the winning of Catholic Emancipation, and the monster meetings of the 1840s. But, more importantly, it attempts to engage with and debate some of the central questions about the making of the modern Ireland.

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