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Dr Beatrice Scutaru

Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century European History



Dr Beatrice Scutaru is Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century European History. Before joining Trinity, she was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Padua in Italy and an Assistant Professor of European and International History at Dublin City University and Maynooth University. A historian of modern and contemporary Europe, Beatrice specialises in transnational history, with a special focus on migration, childhood, and the Cold War. She is particularly interested in the movement of people, ideas and ideologies across national borders, on how these take place and the experiences of the people involved (e.g., migrants, refugees, students, academic exchanges, tourists).

Beatrice’s most recent research project explores the humanitarian aid provided to refugee children during the Cold War, with a particular focus on the Romanian case. She aims to understand the policies adopted at the national level, as well as their application, locally. She is also interested in the refugee children’s everyday experiences in state-led institutions and society in general, as well as responses and attitudes of ‘host communities’ towards these refugees. More generally, this project will contribute to a broader analysis of national and international humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugees in Central and Eastern European states.

Teaching and Supervision

In the Department of History, I teach a List 2 module, “Mobility, Migration and the Cold War" and co-teach the Freshman module “War and Peace in Modern Europe”. I also co-ordinate the MPhil in International History where I teach the option on “Children and Youth on the Move in Europe” and I contribute to the MPhil Core Options.

As a supervisor, I welcome students working on any aspect of modern migration and childhood history, as well as students interested in East Central Europe and the Cold War.

Selected Publications


  • Cloîtrées. Filles et femmes dans les internats de rééducation du Bon-Pasteur d’Angers, 1940-1990 (Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2023). Co-authored with David Niget, Pascale Quincy Lefebvre and Jean-Luc Marrais

Edited Volumes:

  • Child Migration and Biopolitics. Old and New Experiences in Europe (London: Routledge, 2021). Co-edited with Simone Paoli

Journal Articles and Book Chapters (selection)::

  • Scutaru B. & Jinga L. (2023) “The specter of sex. Continuities and new initiatives in sex education in post-socialist Romanian schools” in Jill Massino & Markus Wien eds. History Doesn’t Travel in One Direction: « Real Existing » Post-Socialism in Eastern Europe, Purdue University Press [in press].
  • Scutaru B. (2022) “Îngrijire și ajutor umanitar pentru copiii greci evacuați în România după cel de-al doilea război mondial (anii 1940 și 1950)” [Care and humanitarian aid for Greek children and youth displaced to Romania after the second world war (1940s and 1950s)], in Mioara Anton, Bogdan Cristian Iacob & Cristian Vasile eds. Tineri și tineret în România comunistă. Identitate, ideologie și dinamici socio-culturale (Suceava: Cetatea de Scaun 29-55). .
  • Scutaru B. (2021) “Childhood memories of belonging among young Romanian migrants in Italy: A qualitative life-course approach”, Childhood 28(3): 409-426.
  • Scutaru B. & Paoli S. (2020) “Childhood, Migration and Biopolitics in Modern European History”, in Beatrice Scutaru & Simone Paoli eds. Child Migration and Biopolitics. Old and New Experiences in Europe, Routledge, pp.1-30.
  • Scutaru B. & Paoli S. (2020) “Child Migration Governance as Biopolitics: new Perspectives on Vulnerability and the Child’s Best Interest” in Beatrice Scutaru & Simone Paoli eds. Child Migration and Biopolitics. Old and New Experiences in Europe, Routledge, pp.236-240.
  • Scutaru B. (2019) “Romanian migration during the Cold War”, in Anna Mazurkiewicz ed. East Central European Migrations during the Cold War: A Handbook, De Gruyter, pp.267-314.
  • Bataille M. & Scutaru B. (2017) “La création littéraire à l’épreuve du politique : les œuvres de Dumitru Tepeneag et de Virgil Tanase”, Les Langues Néo-Latines, 382, pp.131-146.
  • Scutaru B. (2016) “Romanian Roma on the move: international belonging versus European problem”, Journal of European Integration History, pp.281-300.
  • Scutaru B. (2015) “Images d’enfants roumains et médias occidentaux. La construction d’une cause (1989-1990)”, Relations internationales, 161:2, pp.95-112.

Contact Details

Room 3120
Department of History
Trinity College
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