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Trinity Operation Transformation

COVID-19 has changed so many things in our lives. Many people have been exercising more, some less. You can read more about how people's habits have changed here. Sedentary behaviours and screen time have been much more prevalent. And of course with food so readily available at home, lots of people are eating more.

As part of the Healthy Trinity initiative, CollegeHealth, Trinity Sport and Student Counselling are putting a Trinity twist on the national television and radio programme. Here's what available:

Physical activity and eating behaviour change workshops

If you would like to be part of a group getting more active and eating more whole, colourful foods, why not join one of our Trinity Operation Transformation (TOT) behaviour change workshops? The workshops run for four weeks, are online and they encourage you to set a health goal that's important to you. For some that will be, "I want to stop eating so much junk food", for others it will be "I want to run a marathon". Either is fine. You will work with a group to figure out how motivated and confident you feel about change and what barriers you need to overcome to make the change you're aiming for. There's one workshop series for students and one for staff. Places are limited. Details in the table below.

Online exercise classesTrinity Sport fitness instructor,... - Trinity College Dublin Sport

On Thursdays, we'll have a weekly exercise class for all TOT participants. It will be online, free and all are welcome. Details in the table below.

Stop smoking course

On Wednesdays, we'll offer a free stop smoking course. It will be online, free and all are welcome. In it we will focus on readiness to stop, dealing with cravings, the pros and cons of stopping and using patches or nicotine replacement therapies. More details here or in the table below.

Weekly update on open club sessions

If you're trying to change your behaviour it's a good idea to focus on what you can do, rather than what you can't. Exercise is for what ails ya. And we're blessed in Trinity to have so many great sports clubs for all levels. For the duration of TOT, we'll send a weekly email with information on what clubs are participating in TOT. You can join their sessions, COVID permitting, and expect to get a great beginner experience. Pictured is DU Ultimate Frisbee, a great sport for newbies.

Addictive behaviours support group

Student Counselling is running a safe and confidential space for members to support each other in relation to substance and alcohol misuse and other harmful behaviours. Group participants will respect the confidentiality of others in order to maintain a safe place for members. Details here:

Alternatively, ePub is a brief self-assessment for students to understand their alcohol use more and signposts to additional resources. The link is here:

To register for Trinity Operation Transformation:

Click on this link or email Martina Mullin on

Here's a summary of what's available:

Time Event Open to Facilitated by
12th Jan-2nd Feb

Four week behaviour change workshop focused on physical activity and food.

Staff Martina Mullin,
College Health

18th Jan-8th Feb

Four week behaviour change workshop focused on physical activity and food. Students Martina Mullin,
College Health

14th Jan-11th Feb


Bootcamp or circuits class - participants' choice on the day. Student and staff Deirdre Mullen-McGuinness,
Trinity Sport
13th Jan-10th Feb

Stop smoking course. More details here: Staff and students Martina Mullin,
College Health
18th Jan-8th Feb
Weekly update on open club sessions Staff and students Deirdre Mullen-McGuinness,
Trinity Sport

Tuesdays during term.

Addictive behaviours support and recovery group. Students Brendon Goss,
Student Counselling