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Mapping Tool

(Old to New Codes for both General Ledger & Projects - Research)

Please click on the link below for the mapping tool which converts old codes to new codes for both General Ledger and Research.

Please note that this is a compressed file due to it's size, so please click on the zip folder to access the excel file. It may take a few seconds before opening in excel.

<Mapping Tool> (updated 14.02.2014)


Internal Trade Expense Codes

Please <click here> to see iProcurement internal trade non-pay expenses codes/ expenditure types for both General Ledger and Projects


The New Financial Coding Structures for General Ledger and Projects are outlined below:

General Ledger

The FIS Project team in collaboration with the Core Support Team (comprised of both academic and service/support area personnel) developed the new financial coding structure which represents the current College hierarchy and organisation and has been recognised as providing flexibility to produce levels of analysis currently identified as well as providing for any unknown future requirements.

Trinity College New Chart of Accounts Structure

General Ledger Coding Structure

Please note the following:

Segment 2 - Cost Centre Codes

Segment 3 - Activity Codes

Segment 4 - Source of Funds

Segment 5 - Expense Codes


If you have any queries in relation to the new Chart of Accounts or financial coding, please contact


Projects – Research

The Oracle Grants Accounting Module provides a Project and Award Management solution for research accounts and other projects.

Trinity College New Project Accounts Structure

Recording Costs and Raising Requisitions for Grants require:

*Note: Organisation and Expenditure Type are numeric for pay-related expenditure

All forms (e.g. Nominations, Transfers, Occasional Lectures, Reimbursements) will include all five segments above

Project and Award Numbers

Please <click here> to see the mapping from old Research Accounts to new Project and Award Numbers

Please <click here> to see Expenditure Catagories, Expenditure Types and aligned Expense Codes


Relationship between General Ledger & Projects coding structures

There is an overlap between the following segments in General Ledger and Projects:





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Last updated: Feb 10 2017.