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The 2019 ‘Framework for Consent in Higher Education Institutions: Safe, Respectful, Supportive and Positive - Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment in Irish Higher Education Institutions’ outlines the need for data to be collected on the incidence rates of sexual harassment and violence across the higher education sector in Ireland.

The Speak Out Reporting Tool provides a platform for members of the Trinity Community to voluntarily and anonymously report incidents of unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct in a way that is safe and secure. As Speak Out data is completely non-identifiable in nature, the University will have no way to identify or make contact with any individual who chooses to submit a report.

The Speak Out project is being rolled out across 18 higher education institutions throughout this academic year for students, staff and visitors. The Psychological Counsellors in Higher Education Ireland (‘PCHEI’) is leading the project which is funded by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. The HEA Centre of Excellence for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion has also supported the project. The data collected through this tool will be used to inform and improve policy and targeted educational initiatives. It is the goal of PCHEI to provide a trauma-informed tool which will provide users with support services relevant to their experience.

Anonymous reporting via Speak Out means that you will not be asked for your name or your personal details and you will not be able to identify those about whom a report is made. The University will not use the information that you provide to attempt to identify you or those about whom the report is made. Anonymous reports which are made through the tool will not be investigated and formal complaint processes cannot not be initiated as a consequence. For further information on Data Protection and Privacy at Trinity please see

While the reporting tool is anonymous, it will, importantly, direct you to appropriate supports at Trinity and provide you with information on what formal reporting procedures are available if you have been the victim of unacceptable behaviour as a member of the Trinity Community. For further information on formally reporting an incident please refer to the Trinity Dignity and Respect Policy.

To anonymously report an incident please access the Speak Out Tool . (Note: If you would like to preview the questions involved in reporting an incident anonymously you can click through the questions in the tool, but please do not click submit unless you wish to go ahead and report an incident).


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