Trinity-INC School Champion Programme

The role of Trinity-INC School Champions is to raise awareness and stimulate open debate and discussion among colleagues at School-level in relation to inclusivity within modules, programmes, courses. School Champions are appointed from Academic faculty members at the School-level.

People walking through the campus at Trinity College Dublin

Membership (Pilot Scheme 2021)

(Larger schools may be represented by more than one School Champion)
School of Business Norah Campbell
School of Computer Science and Statistics Paula Roberts
School of Creative Arts Miranda Fay Thomas
School of Dental Science Sheila Galvin
School of Education Joanne Banks
School of English Brendan O'Connell
School of History & Humanities Rebecca Usherwood
School of Law Suryapratim Roy and Liz Heffernan (joint-School Champions)
School of Linguistic, Speech & Communication Sciences Ă“rla Gilheaney
School of Medicine Julie Broderick and Elizabeth Forde
School of Nursing and Midwifery Eimear McGlinchey and Jacqueline Whelan
School of Natural Sciences Carla Harper
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Juliette O'Connell
School of Psychology Fiona Newell
School of Religion Jude Lal Fernando
School of Social Work and Social Policy Virpi Timonen

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