Trinity-INC Professional Learning Module on Inclusive Practices in Teaching and Learning

This Professional Learning Module is targeted to the needs of academic staff, as well as all those who teach and who support teaching and learning at Trinity. The Module is grounded in the principles of Universal Design for Learning ('UDL').

Universal Design for learning

We have two roll outs coming up, Summer 2023 and October 2023, contact for more information.

The Trinity-INC Professional Learning Module in Inclusive Practices for Teaching and Learning is targeted to the needs of academic staff and all who teach or support teaching and learning at Trinity. 

The module is grounded in the principles of Universal Design for Learning ('UDL') but does not intend to provide 'one' way of doing inclusion. It suggests that inclusive practice is adaptive, iterative, and highly contextual. We hope the module offers you a toolkit of suggestions that can be easily adapted for use in your own practice.

The Module is inherently flexible to help you manage it around your other life and professional commitments. A 'light touch' assignment involves a short reflection upon your learning and one example of a UDL change in your practice. 

The Module is tailored to the Trinity context, modelled on the National Forum for Teaching and Learning (NF), AHEAD and UCD 'Digital Badge in Universal Design for Learning'. Those who complete this module will also receive the Digital Badge.

The Module takes no more than 20 hours of your time in total, with most weeks of the module involving two hours engagement at the most.

Engagement throughout the Module:

  • Self-directed learning - on the key pillars of Universal Design for Learning and other Inclusive Practices. You will be enrolled in a Blackboard module where all the materials - for reading, listening, and watching - are clearly laid out for your engagement. 
  • Peer-Engagement - is the cornerstone of the Module.  Peer triad meetings are arranged at a time that suits the members of your group.
  • Live seminars/webinars - led by members of the Trinity-INC Team and supported by Trinity staff and students and experts both from within Trinity and elsewhere, are held at the beginning, middle and end of the Module. These three sessions are intended to enable you to come together in a community of practice in live time to share ideas and experiences. (While there is added value in attending these sessions to take part in the discussions, the presentations will be recorded) 

Who may find this Module useful?
The Module is open to all who teach or support teaching and learning in Trinity. e.g.
-Academic staff 
-Teaching Fellows
-TAs / PhD researchers
-EOs and School Professional staff
-Student Support Services staff
-Anyone else engaged in teaching or supporting teaching and learning at Trinity

Module Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of the Module, learners will be able to:

  • Reflect on the diversity of learners and colleagues in their School or workplace and Trinity more generally;
  • Develop insight into Universal Design for Learning and other inclusive pedagogical approaches and work practices;
  • Supported through peer engagement, explore and reflect on existing practice and identify 'quick win' changes in line with a UDL approach. 

For queries, please contact Dr Derina Johnson, Trinity-INC Project Manager, on