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Equality Office - Trinity College Dublin

Equality Fund


About the Equality Fund

The Equality Fund is available to staff and student applications on a competitive basis for equality projects within College. The Equality Fund aims to facilitate equality initiatives and to promote and celebrate diversity in all College areas.

Initiatives covering the 9 grounds of discrimination will be considered:

  1. age, Equality Fund logo
  2. gender,
  3. marital status,
  4. family status,
  5. race and ethnicity,
  6. membership of the traveller community,
  7. disability,
  8. sexual orientation and
  9. religion and belief.

Initiatives will also be considered for other diversity groups which may be of particular relevance.

Each round of funding will outline priority themes for applications (see Equality Fund Themes 2014-2015 detailed below).

The Fund is specially designed to facilitate innovative and creative equality projects. Staff and student initiatives are funded. Collaborative projects between staff and students are particularly valued.

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Equality Fund Themes 2014-2015

  1. Human Rights & LGBT Rights: Placing LGBT rights in the context of human rights.
  2. Age, Inclusion, and Progression: The participation and opportunities available to people in different age groups.
  3. Gender and Participation in College Life: The interaction between gender (including gender identity and gender expression) and College activities, academic, professional, and social.
  4. Enabled and Disabled Spaces: The role of enabling and disabling aspects of our environment.
  5. Cultures Meeting in College: Celebrating College as a space where diverse cultures meet and interact.
  6. Wellbeing and Equality: The interaction between health, wellbeing, and equality.
  7. Families and Diversity: Acknowledging the diverse range of family backgrounds represented in College community.

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Equality Fund Sub-Committee membership

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Equality Fund Terms of Reference

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Information for project organizers

Equality Fund payment guidelines

Equality Fund feedback form

Project organizers are requested to include the Equality Fund logo in printed and online material, please download the logos here:

Equality Fund logo

Equality Fund logo cropped

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Last updated: Nov 11 2014.