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Equality Fund

The Trinity Equality Fund is specially designed to facilitate innovative and creative equality projects by staff and students across the university.

Each year, a fund (normally €10,000) is made available to staff and student applications for small grants for projects which promote equality in Trinity. Initiatives covering the following grounds protected in equality legislation are prioritised, but other diversity groups may also be considered.

  1. age
  2. civil status
  3. disability
  4. ethnicity / nationality / race
  5. family status
  6. gender
  7. religion and belief
  8. sexual orientation
  9. traveller community

Each round of funding outlines priority themes for applications. For further details on the application and selection process, please see How to Apply.

Priority Themes 2016-2017

Showcasing Diversity

Projects which celebrate the diversity that exists among Trinity students and staff, and/or make minority groups more visible in our community

Learning from Each Other

Projects which show how diversity enriches the educational experience inside and outside the classroom, and/or how each of us can learn from those who are different to ourselves

Structural Change for Equality

Projects which embed the commitment to equality in a procedure, practice or facility, ensuring that Trinity’s systems and structures complement its equality goals

Equal Opportunities

Projects which promote increased participation of an under-represented group and/or support that group in realising their full academic, career or extra-curricular potential

Collegial Community

Projects which foster connections between diverse groups and contribute to an inclusive, welcoming culture in the university

Putting Policy into Practice

Projects which increase awareness of Trinity’s equality-related policies, and/or assist staff/students in implementing these policies in their everyday activities

Equality Fund Showcase

The Equality Fund Showcase is an annual event which highlights the projects funded by the Equality Fund in the previous year. The 2016 Showcase was held on Friday 4th November in the Global Room. Don't worry if you missed it, you can still view the Showcase Presentation (and addendum) here.

close-up of project posters on noticeboard two young women presenting slideshow on "Oxford Women's Open" to a small crowd in the Global Room Close up of several copies of "Guide for Students with Disabilities on Professional Placement" on table