Information for Project Organisers

You can get started as soon as you have signed your Equality Fund Acceptance Letter at the projects debrief meeting. Please don't hesitate to contact the Equality Office throughout the year if any issues arise with your project.

Congratulations on your successful application to the Equality Fund, and all the best with your project!

You can get started as soon as you have signed your Equality Fund Acceptance Letter at the project's debrief meeting. Please don't hesitate to contact the Equality Office throughout the year if any issues arise with your project. The Equality Office is happy to help you with:

  • arranging reimbursements of your project expenses;
  • publicising your project on Equality Office social media channels;
  • general advice on your project.

You (and your team) are responsible for

  • monitoring your project's budget and requesting reimbursements from the Equality Office in a timely manner.
  • implementing your project (e.g. booking rooms, contacting stakeholders, getting quotes from suppliers).
  • ensuring that your project is completed in accordance with the Equality Fund Terms and Conditions below and on time.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your project must be completed by 31st  August 2022, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Payments will not be processed after 30th September 2022 - no exceptions. As a result receipts and documentation for reimbursement will need to be processed in early August.
  • Your project must be implemented as described in the application form - please notify the Equality Officer straight away of any changes
  • Your project must comply with University policies.
  • Any expenditure on catering/refreshments must not exceed the limit pre-agreed with the Equality Fund Subcommittee and must be in line with the TCD Hospitality and Entertainment Policy.
  • You must complete a mid-way progress report and a Equality Fund Feedback Form (docx 22.4 KB) once your project is completed
  • You must share any publicity material relating to your project with the Equality Office, for future promotion of the Fund
  • You must take part in any Equality Fund Showcase that is organised

Running Events

  • All proposed events must be approved by the Junior Dean - please see events application form and checklist here.
  • The Event Accessibility Checker must be used to ensure your event is as accessible as possible.
  • Further event management guidelines can be found on the Communications Office website; this is particularly useful for events that are large, formal, and/or involve high-profile guests.
  • It is recommended that you begin your preparations as early as possible, to allow for any issues arising to be resolved in plenty of time before the event.


    • Every project should have a strategy for communicating its activities and achievements to its target audience, making use of a range of media
    • You are encouraged to tag the Equality Office in any social media posts about your event or send links to for sharing from the Equality Office Facebook and Twitter
    • Please use the "general use" Trinity logo in any visual materials (such as PowerPoint presentations, posters, publications, etc) - this is available from the Equality Office on request
    • Please acknowledge the support of the Trinity Equality Fund in any visual materials or speeches

Claiming your Funding

All project-related financial transactions must be completed by 30th September 2022. Requests for reimbursement made after this date cannot be fulfilled.

Making Purchases
Please bear in mind that only approved College suppliers can be used for orders related to your project. College Catering and other internal suppliers may request a charge code, which you can get from the Equality Office.
Please note that neither students nor staff can be reimbursed for mileage/travel to College or subsistence.

Getting Reimbursements

Students should fill in the yellow boxes on the  non-staff payments requisition form (.xls 61.5 KB) and email to along with all digital/scanned copies of receipts.

Staff (including postgraduate students with a staff number) should contact the Equality Office to get set up to claim from the Equality Fund on iExpenses.
When you are set up, please follow these guidelines for claiming from the Equality Fund on iExpenses.
Please follow the TCD Gift Voucher and Hospitality and Entertainment Policies carefully if relevant to your project.

Allocation/Payment of funding:
All applications for reimbursement/payment should be directed to for coding and approval prior to submission to AP/Payroll

  • Individuals who provide a service to College, e.g. workshop presentation must be paid through payroll.  It is not possible to pay the individual and claim reimbursement. See more information on this process below.
  • Staff members may not be permitted to receive payment for work done outside their normal salary, this is individual and is the responsibility of the staff member to clarify with HR prior to undertaking the work.  If it is not possible to make a payroll payment, it may be possible to make a budget transfer to e.g., a self-financing account, all normal TCD policies apply to the funds in this account.
  • Staff members seeking reimbursement for items purchased must make their claim through Oracle iExpenses, all normal TCD policies apply to the application for reimbursement.  Please note that students who receive a monthly stipend through payroll should also use iExpenses.
  • Students seeking reimbursement for items purchased must make their claim using the non-staff payments requisition form, including detailed receipts for the payments made. 
  • External Suppliers should provide an invoice on receipt of an Oracle PO from

Paying Individuals (Casual Payroll)

  • Speak to the Equality Office before arranging payment to an individual. Please confirm with individuals that they will be paid via casual payroll prior to engaging their services.
  • If you are paying someone via the casual payroll, be sure to factor employers' PRSI (10.75% of the total pay) and holiday pay (8% of the total pay) into your budget. This Casual Payroll Calculator (.xlsx 10.5 KB) will make the sums easier!
  • Ask the payee to complete the Occasional Engagement Form (.docx 0.3 MB) and return it to the Equality Office along with their first claim form. The first time they complete a Casual Payroll Claim Form (.docx 0.3 MB), they should complete Sections A, B, and C. They only need to complete Sections B and C for any future claims
  • Ask the payee to sign each claim form and bring/send it to the Equality Office by the 1st of the month after the month in which the work was performed. Do not send claim forms directly to the Payroll department as a member from the Equality Office's signature is required to authorise payment
  • Please note that casual payments are made monthly, at the end of the month - see the Casual Payroll Dates and Deadlines for further details