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Dignity and Respect Policy

The Dignity and Respect Policy supports a respectful work and study environment free from bullying and harassment

Trinity is committed to supporting a collegiate environment in which staff, students and other community members are treated with dignity and respect. Bullying and harassment (including sexual and racial harassment) are not tolerated in Trinity. The Dignity and Respect Policy lays out:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • sources of help and support
  • informal and formal procedures for addressing any bullying or harassment issues that may arise. Mediation is also available.

Sources of Support

If you are experiencing bullying or harassment, or if you are the subject of a complaint of bullying / harassment, your first point of contact is your line manager (staff) or tutor / postgraduate advisor (students), who are trained to deal with such matters. Most issues are resolved informally at this level.

You may also / alternatively get in touch with one of the Dignity and Respect Contact Persons listed below. The panel of contact persons is a confidential service which can advise you on your options under the Dignity and Respect Policy. Please note that an individual Contact Person will provide advice to one "side" of a case only; making a call does not mean you have to make a formal complaint; and this service is available to both staff and students.

Name Area Email Phone:
Inmaculada Arnedillo Sánchez Computer Science and Statistics 896 3661
Elizabeth Curtis Nursing and Midwifery 896 3533
Jonathan Fitzpatrick Estates and Facilities 896 3437
Jane Flanagan Housekeeping 896 2079
Karl Flynn Director of Buildings Office 896 3545
Martyn Linnie Natural Science 896 1679
Martin McAndrew Postgraduate Advisory Service 896 1417
John Munnelly Buildings Office 896 2487 / 087 2653374
Cathal O'Donnell IT Services 896 3546
Lisa Orpen Financial Services 896 1957
Eugene Rhatigan Security and Mail Services 896 3978 (shift work)

The Equality Officer is happy to advise staff and students on the provisions of the Dignity and Respect Policy, but the Officer will not support a particular "side" in any alleged case of bullying or harassment. This is so that the Equality Office can remain a neutral source of information for everyone in the Trinity community.


Human Resources and the Equality Committee have particular responsibility for ensuring the implementation of the Dignity and Respect Policy. However, all members of the Trinity community are needed to maintain a respectful, inclusive and collegial environment in our university.

What can I do?

  • Read the Dignity and Respect Policy
  • Take the LEAD or other training programmes
  • Lead by example - treat others with dignity and respect
  • Consider how others might be affected by your words and actions
  • Support your colleagues / classmates, and speak up if you witness inappropriate behaviour
  • Contact the Equality Officer with any questions or suggestions about the Dignity and Respect Policy
  • Speak to the Sources of Support outlined above if you have been bullied / harassed, or accused of bullying / harassment