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    September: Trinity receives a further 4 Athena SWAN awards

    September: Joint urgent appeal to European Governments and EU institutions, on behalf of Afghanistan's scholars, students and civil society actors

    July: Trinity Publishes Action Plan to Tackle Sexual Violence and Harassment

    May: Dr Vivan Rath's keynote address on his PhD journey as a student with a disability

    May: Trinity addresses reported increase in racist harassment and crime

    April: Three new Athena SWAN awards for Trinity Schools

    March: Webinar - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: How far have we come?

    December: Disability Awareness Week 2020

    November: Town Hall Meeting on Race and Ethnicity

    Trinity’s commitment to gender equality recognised by four new Athena SWAN bronze awards

    Four Schools at Trinity College Dublin have secured Athena SWAN Bronze awards in the latest round of awards to recognise commitment and work towards gender equality.

    Trinity’s School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Trinity Business School, the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences, and the School of Biochemistry and Immunology - join ten previous Athena Swan awardees, bringing the University’s total to 14 Bronze Award holders. Their success represents an important further step in Trinity’s ongoing progress towards applying for an institutional Silver award and demonstrates the work and commitment taking place on gender equality across Trinty.

    Professor Lorraine Leeson, the incoming Associate Vice Provost for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion welcomed the news of these four awards and stated: "Athena Swan awards are an important mark of recognition of the effort, time and energy that Schools have made engaging with the Athena Swan process and through the award application itself- all related to gender equality and our commitment to a College that promotes and values equality. Sincere congratulations to the four Schools on their awards and sincere appreciation to all those who worked together to achieve them."

    For more information on Athena SWAN visit

    Urgent appeal to European Governments and EU institutions, on behalf of Afghanistan's scholars, students and civil society actors

    Higher education associations, networks, and leaders in the field of scholar protection, urge European governments and EU institutions to take immediate action to secure the lives and careers of Afghanistan's scholars, students, and civil society actors. The appeal is now endorsed by 50 higher education networks, associations and organisations, with signatures still being added. It is live on SAR's website here

    Take Action Now

    Scholars at Risk is an international network of over 500 higher education institutions in 40 countries, including over 350 in Europe, whose core mission is to protect threatened scholars and intellectuals, principally by arranging temporary positions at network-member institutions for those who are unable to work safely in their home countries.

    Action Plan

    In 2020, the Framework for Consent for Higher Education was published by the Department of Education and Skills. As part of our commitment to this framework, and prevention of sexual violence in our institution, we have set up an oversight working group with staff, student, and external representation. The aim of this oversight group is to implement the action plan which can be read here. We recognise the problem of sexual violence in Higher Education, and we are committed to playing our part as individuals and as a community to changing this and making our University a safer place for all.

    Dr Vivian Rath's keynote address on his PhD journey as a student with a disability

    "When the PhD journey gave me lemons, I made the best of lemonade"

    A keynote address from this year’s School of Education PGR conference by Dr Vivian Rath, PhD graduate of the School of Education. Dr Rath gives an insight into his PhD journey as a student with a disability.

    Watch here

    Trinity addresses reported increase in racist harassment and crime

    As reported by INAR, there has been a worrying increase in racist harassment and crime, with a notable rise in anti-Asian racism, and a clear link to COVID 19. Trinity stands in solidarity with all staff and students from minority ethnic backgrounds and condemns all racist behaviours and acts. We protect the equal rights of all those who work and study here and are working to make this university an inclusive and welcoming place.

    Supports for those experiencing racism

    Three new Athena SWAN bronze awards for Trinity schools

    Trinity’s Schools of Histories and Humanities, Computer Science and Statistics, and Engineering join seven which already hold awards, bringing the University’s total to 10. Their success represents an important further step in Trinity’s ongoing progress towards applying for an institutional Silver award.

    Read the full article here

    Webinar - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: How far have we come?

    Watch here:

    In this webinar, the former President of Trinity Women Graduates (TWG), Dr Meadhbh Hand, facilitates a discussion with Dr Clodagh Brook, the Trinity Associate Vice Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Dr Vivan Rath, an appointee to the National Disability Stakeholders Group, National Disability Inclusion Strategy Group and the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Disability Advisory Committee. Our speakers cover recent developments in these areas, identify some of the challenges overcome and lessons learned in making Trinity a more welcoming and diverse institution, and offer tips and ideas on best practice.


    0:57 Dr Meadhbh Hand talks about her experiences with Trinity Women Graduates (TWG)

    3:05 Dr Clodagh Brook discusses the progress made in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across the University, identifies challenges faced, and shares tips on how to implement change.

    16:49 Dr Vivian Rath speaks about his own journey through higher education as a person with a disability and his research on the sense of belonging among students with disabilities in higher education.

    Town Hall Meeting on Race and Ethnicity, November 20th

    A Town Hall Meeting on Race and Ethnicity was held on 20 November, 2020. The meeting opened a much-needed discussion across the College community – undergraduates, academic and administrative staff, postgraduates and researchers - about race and ethnicity. In June, the Provost and Associate Vice Provost publicly committed to putting resources, energy and time into making Trinity a place that is welcoming for all. The Town Hall is one step in this journey.

    Watch the video here

    The keynote (Professor Rowena Arshad, Chair in Multicultural and Anti-Racist Education at the University of Edinburgh) provides us with an opportunity to listen to lessons from elsewhere. Part 2 was dedicated to exploring experiences in Trinity and plotting ways forward.

    Disability Awareness Week 2020 - Events

     Time  Event Description  Organizer
     Mon 30th   November    
     12:00  Distribution of December Disability Service newsletter to students and staff  Kevan O'Rourke
     Throughout Week  Social Media photo series of students with disabilities (both visible and invisible)  TCDSU, Niamh Herbert
     Throughout Week  Platform series in the University Times, 5 students share their stories  University Times, Niamh Herbert
     Throughout Week  Instagram series ‘Disability Buzz Words’ as Gaeilge and in ISL  TCDSU, Niamh Herbert
     Tues 1st December    
     15:00  Premiere on Trinity Ability Co-op Facebook Live: ‘My Unilife’ Social Media interview with Courtney McGrath and Mary Gerathy  Kevan O’Rourke, Rachel Ni Mhurchu
     Wed 2nd December    
     15:00  Student Wellbeing and Support:  Ahead, Speakers Joe Donohue TUD, Declan Reilly Trinity Disability Service
     16:00  Autism Group Drop-in  Clare Malone, Ben Rowsome Trinity Ability Co-op
     Thursday 3rd December  International Day of Persons with Disabilities  

     Webinar: Developing and Evidence Base for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Food Security Programming:

     WFP with TCD (Caroline Jagoe)

     Launch of the Trinity Disability Service Strategic Plan 2020-2025 at the Equality Committee


     Webinar: Building Back Better: Toward a disability-inclusive post COVID-19 Higher Education:

     Vivian Rath - PhD Candidate Trinity and Trinity Equality Office Trinity

     Webinar: Disability and the ethics of conducting research in higher education:

     Trinity Disability Research Network
     15:00  Trinity Ability Co_op launching ‘Positives of disability’ video  Trinity Ability Co_op
     16:00  Lighting up of Trinity with purple lights 2020  Niamh Herbert TCD SU Disability officer & Provost Dr. Patrick Prendergast
     Friday 4th December    
     19:30  Final episode of ‘My Unilife’ airs on RTE One  
     Wednesday 9th December     

     Classics Department Research Seminar: 

    "Sensing the other: blindness, deafness and appreciating antiquities"

    By Zoom, register on EventBrite at 

    Dr. Ellen Adams (KCL)