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Green Ribbon Month

Let's get Ireland talking about mental health in May 2013. Play your part, wear the green ribbon and start your conversation about mental health.

May is Green Ribbon Month, promoting open conversation of mental health and challenging the stigma of mental health problems.

In partnership with SeeChange, the National Mental Health Stigma Reduction organisation, TCD Students' Union is supporting the Green Ribbon campaign for the month of May. The aim of the campaign is to change minds about mental health, one conversation at a time. Pick up your green ribbon in SU Front Office in House 6!

See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership and its 80 partner organisations are rolling out a month long national green ribbon campaign to get people talking openly about mental health problems in May 2013.

More than 150,000 green ribbons will be distributed nationwide free of charge to spark a national conversation about mental health in boardrooms, break-rooms, chat rooms, clubhouses, arts venues, college campuses and around kitchen tables throughout Ireland. Our aim is to make the month of May every year synonymous with promoting open conversation of mental health and challenging the stigma of mental health problems.

Experiencing a mental health problem is simply part and parcel of the ups and downs of life and can happen to any of us but the silence around mental health stops people seeking help and makes the experience of being unwell much harder. It doesn’t have to be this way. For more see:

View Nancy Hopkins Public Lecture

Nancy Hopkins talk: “Approaches to Equality for Women Faculty in Science: Changing Institutions, Changing Individuals – Lessons from the MIT Story"

Professor Nancy Hopkins discussed her work as an advocate for women in science over almost two decades since her appointment in 1995 by then-MIT Dean of Science Robert Birgeneau to chair the First Committee on Women Faculty in the School of Science.

At that time only 1 in 12 faculty members in the MIT School of Science were women. A summary of her committee’s findings published in 1999 came to be known as the ‘MIT Report on the Status of Women Faculty in Science’.

This report and the work of the committee paved the way for national efforts within the US which have since substantially increased the numbers of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and have inspired countless initiatives globally.

Prof Hopkins described the barriers to women’s advancement that were identified and how MIT addressed them administratively. Despite enormous progress, effort will still be needed to achieve equity and parity for women in science in the US. Two significant barriers that remain are unconscious bias, which results in exclusion and undervaluation of women, and greater family obligations.

Equality Fund Projects Announced

14 February 2013

The Equality Fund 2012-13 is supporting 15 projects.

Detailed listing of past Equality Fund projects and events

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Updated Dignity and Respect Policy

1 February 2013

The updated College Dignity and Respect Policy booklet is now available electronically.:

What is Dignity and Respect?

The Dignity and Respect policy provides guidance on your rights and responsibilities with regards to dignity and respect in College. It also provides information on complaint resolution options.

Your Rights:
To study in an environment that is free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.

Your Responsibilities:
To treat classmates, staff and members of the public with dignity and respect, and to challenge inappropriate behaviour.

Please note the policy applies to all staff and students in all locations, including the production, display and circulation of materials such as posters or electronic materials.

What can you do now?

Seek confidential advice from the panel of Contact Persons
If you are being bullied or harassed, or if you have witnessed someone else in College being bullied or harassed, you can seek advice from a Contact person.

Are you unsure whether the behaviour is bullying or harassment? Speak to a Contact Person to get their input. If in doubt – talk it out!

Become a Dignity and Respect Champion in your course, club or society by:

Challenging bullying behaviour,

Acting as a good role model by treating others with respect, particularly those who are less able to stand up for themselves,

Raising awareness of the Dignity and Respect policy in your area,

Organising events that encourage an inclusive and open environment free from bullying and harassment,

Contacting the Equality Officer to arrange training for your course, club or society,

Join the Equality Office on Twitter and Facebook for more on equality and inclusion within College.

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Equality Fund 2012-2013 Call for Applications

31 October 2012 - 30 November 2012

The Equality Fund 2012-2013 is now accepting applications for innovative and creative projects promoting equality and diversity in College. The deadline for submission of applications is Friday 30 November 2012.

The Equality Fund will provide funding to staff and students on a competitive basis for a variety of equality projects.

The themes selected for this year are:

  • Feeling part of it, on and off-campus,
  • Balancing the books in College,
  • Understanding one another,
  • Global campus/internationalization,
  • Linking the College community,
  • Listen, speak and be heard,
  • The campus community of the future

Applications can be made with the above themes focusing on any of the 9 protected equality grounds or for other relevant groups.

For more information about the Equality Fund and to download the application form:

Equality Fund - Apply or contact

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Equality News September 2012

The latest Equality News is now available to download here. Find out about staff and student equality projects and upcoming events in College.

Equality News (pdf)

The newsletter is available in paper copy and alternative formats, to request contact

LEAD Facilitated Sessions

April 2013

LEAD (Living Equality and Diversity) is an interactive online programme providing training in the key equality and diversity issues in a University context.
You can complete the LEAD programme at any time by going to the Lead Website or you can attend a facilitated session.
Sessions may be useful if:

  • you want to set aside a time to complete the programme and know it will not happen in your office, or
  • you do not have access to a work computer, or
  • you would like the option of discussing aspects of the programme as you progress.

April Sessions:

Venue: 0.12 in the Aras an Phiarsaigh.
Time: 9.15-11.15am
 Dates: April 16th, 18th, 23rd and 25th
To register your interest in attending a future session contact the Equality Officer:
Phone: 01 896 3282

    International Women's Week 2013

    4-8 March

    International Women's Week takes place every year in College celebrating women's contributions in different artistic and scientific fields and marking Trinity's participation in a global campaign for rights and equality.

    This year there were many exciting events organized by staff and students including the SU, GSU, DU Gender Equality society, DU Amnesty, Department of Art History and Centre for Gender and Women's Studies amongst others.

    International Women's Week ran from Monday 4th to Friday 8th of March.

    See the full International Women's Week programme here.

    Contact the Equality Officer for further details.

Stop Sexual Assault - A Discussion Forum

Thursday 22nd November 2012 - Hist Conversation Room, GMB

This event followed the interesting and thought provoking ‘Discussing Sexual Violence’ panel discussion held during International Women’s Week 2012, and the launch of the ‘Don’t be that Guy’ campaign across College in October 2012. 

The event sought to shift focus away from the victims of sexual assault, and towards the potential offenders. It looked to dispel the culture of victim blaming and challenged the societal attitudes that underlie this, to shift the focus to those committing the attacks.

This forum included Cliona Saidlear (Rape Crisis Network of Ireland), Jacqueline Healy (National Women’s Council of Ireland), and Mairead Mallon (Dublin Rape Crisis Centre).

This was in association with TCD Students' Union, Equality Office, DU Gender Equality Society & The Hist

Equality Fund Showcase

Thursday 15th November 2012 - Printing House, TCD

Since 2008 over sixty projects have been allocated funding through the Equality Fund. Projects have included:

  • themed events,
  • exhibitions,
  • performances,
  • publications,
  • online resources,
  • specific training or workshops.

This event aimed to showcase some of these projects.

More information on Equality Fund projects.

A number of project organisers presented their projects, and there was an opportunity to meet with previous winners to discuss their projects further over refreshments.

This event was open to everyone who is interested in learning more about Equality Fund initiatives, and was particularly beneficial for those considering submitting an application for the 2012-13 Equality Fund call.

The showcase took place in the Printing House at 5pm November 15th.

Launch of TCD Don't Be That Guy Campaign

Wednesday 10th October at 6pm in The Parlour, Goldsmith Hall, TCD

This campaign aimed to raise awareness about sexual violence amongst College students and was supported by the SU, GSU, DU Gender Equality Society and TCD Equality Office.

The Chief Executive of the Rape Crisis Centre, Ellen O'Malley, spoke at the launch, which took place in The Parlour (Goldsmith Hall, TCD) at 6pm.  

About the campaign

The Don't Be That Guy campaign, started in North America, aims to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and sexual assault. Past campaigns have targeted victims, asking them to change their behaviours in order to avoid being victims of sexual assault. This campaign targets potential offenders, those who are responsible for attacks. We look to dispel the culture of victim blaming and to shift the focus to those committing the attacks. The campaign, designed by Sexual Assault Voices, is being run on Trinity College campus by the D.U. Gender Equality Society, The Equality Office, The Students' Union and the Graduate Students' Union.

Visit the campaign on Facebook!/tcddontbethatguy

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre:

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Welcome event for Students with Children

Saturday 6th October @11am , TCD Sports Centre

We held a welcome event for student parents and their children and families on Saturday October 6th at 11 am in the College Sports Centre.

This event was an opportunity to meet other student parents and to find out about College supports for students with children. Refreshments and entertainment for children were provided. The organizers also collected signatures to establish a TCD student parent society.

See the Facebook Group for TCD student parents