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  1. International Women's Day 2008
  2. Changing Perspectives Photographic Awards
  3. European Year of Equal Opportunities For All
  4. Introduction to Cross-Cultural Awareness
  5. My Brilliant Career - Women's Career Paths: Queens University
  6. Bisi Adigun - Anti-racist Workplace Guest Speaker
  7. Anti-Racist Workplace Week November 2007
  8. NDA seminar: The 3% Disability Target
  9. Equality Fund
  10. Disability Review


International Women's Day 2008

7-8 March 2008

The Equality Officer and the Centre for Gender & Women’s Studies organized a lunchtime event celebrating International Women’s Day 2008 with the theme Shaping Progress and the collaboration of DUGES (Dublin University Gender Equality Society) and DUWGA (Dublin University Women Graduates Association).

There were two guest speakers at the event, presented by Professor Mary Coffey.

Yvonne Campbell, an outstanding student and Scholar of Trinity College, had participated in the TAP access programme and won several debating competitions before going on to complete an MSc in the London School of Economics, and finally returning to train as a secondary school teacher. Yvonne delivered an exciting speech drawing from her own personal experience and highlighted the importance of education and support systems to ensure progress and equal opportunity for all human beings: women, men and especially children.

Olive Braiden, Chair of the Arts Council, described her varied life journey, both abroad and in Ireland, outlining her involvement with the Rape Crisis Centre and up until her present-day role as Chair and member of several public bodies. Olive highlighted the importance of women getting involved in politics, decision-making and particularly funding decisions, as the key to ensuring progress and the full participation of women in society.

At the event there was a poster display illustrating the situation of men and women in Ireland sponsored by WiSER (Centre for Women in Science and Engineering) – which were also displayed across campus. DUWGA hosted an information table advertising their activities and the re-issuing A Danger to the Men? A History of Women in Trinity College Dublin 1904-2004 due to popular demand. There was an interactive panel about the role and influence of women and a charity flower sale in benefit of the Rape Crisis Centre run by DUGES.

The event was well attended by members the College community including academic and administrative staff, researchers and students.

Other Events on Campus:


Men and Women in Ireland in 2008
College Wide, All Week
The Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Women in Science and Engineering Research (WiSER) and the TCD Equality office, with support from DUGES commissioned a set of 10 posters illustrating the gender balance in a variety of areas of life in Ireland.

Charity Flower Sale

Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES)

College Wide, All Week
Giving flowers is a tradition of IWD. DUGES members sold tulips in the Arts Block from Wednesday, and at the IWD Reception on Friday, in aid of the Rape Crisis Centre.

TCD: Millennium Development Goals Lecture Series 2008

‘Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women in Developing Countries’
Thursday 6th March, Ui Chadhain Lecture Theatre (2041b) Arts Block, 7pm

Gender issues are central to the international development agenda. The third Millennium Development Goal aims to “Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women”. This lecture was delivered by the Lesotho Ambassador to Ireland, Mannete Ramaili. The ambassador represents one of Ireland’s partner countries, where our foreign aid is targeted. Lesotho is also one of the Africa’s poorest countries with an annual income per person averaging just over €3,000 and a life expectancy of 42 years. This lecture, focused on gender equality, is being held to mark International Women’s Day.

This MDG Lecture was hosted by the School of Education and Department of Economics in association with the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies. For more information contact or go to

The Centre for Women in Science and Engineering Research (WiSER) STEPS Programme

Friday 7th March, Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, 10am – 12pm

There was a Science, Engineering and Technology Programme for Schools seminar entitled ‘Engineering as a Career’, aimed at second-level students. An introductory talk from WiSER Director Caroline Roughneen highlighted the benefits of a career in this area and was followed by 4 separate talks from female engineers from different disciplines speaking about their experiences studying and working in this sector. The event took place at 10 am, followed by a reception at Engineers Ireland.
Further information about the Centre for Women in Science & Engineering Research.
Further information about STEPS Programme,

Seminar: ‘The Changing Role of Women in Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields’

Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES)
Saturday 8th March, The Robert Emmet Theatre, 11am-4pm
With Guest Speakers: Kimberly Prost, Ad Litem Judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; Alison Smale, Managing Editor of the International Herald Tribune, and; Maeve Kyle, former Irish Olympic Athlete and Hockey Player.
Followed by a reception at the Westin Hotel.

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Changing Perspectives Photographic Awards

15 February 2008

Staff winner - Student winner - Overall winner

The inter-university awards for the Changing Perspectives: Equality and Diversity in my University photographic competition were hosted by the Equality Authority. This event brought together the overall prize winners from the University of Limerick, NUI Maynooth and Trinity College Dublin. Neill Crowley, Director of the Equality Authority, presented the awards and highlighted the initiative for bringing staff and students together in raising awareness on the diversity of university life in Ireland.

The Trinity finalists to take part in the inter-university competition had been chosen by a panel of judges comprised of the Vice-Provost, Prof Ruth Byrne, Prof Roger Stalley (History of Art), Brian McGovern (College photographer), Úna Faulkner (Students' Union) and Alessio Frenda (Graduate Student Union). They selected the following:

Trinity Finalists

Staff competition:

  • First place: Dimitrios Paraskevas (TCD, Office of the Vice-Provost)
  • Second place: Kay Inckle (TCD, Social Studies)

Student Competition

  • First place: Madeleine Carrouee (TCD Erasmus History and Politics)
  • Second place: Vacant (due to technical requirements)

The judging panel welcomed the interest generated and the variety and quality of the entries submitted by staff and students. They expressed their hope that this competition would be continued in future years.

The finalists each receive a €125 award from Trinity in addition to proceeding to the inter-university competition.

The entries were selected for their original and often challenging perspectives on equality, and focussed on diversity (ethnic, religious, sexual), disability, inclusion and exclusion. The inclusion of these photographs in an equality and diversity calendar which has been distributed to over 20,000 students and staff in universities throughout Ireland was particularly welcomed as a means of extending the impact of the initiative throughout the coming year.

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European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

2007 was designated as "European Year of Equal Opportunities for All" by decision of the EU Council and the European Parliament. The Equality Authority is the national implementation body for the European Year in Ireland.

As part of the Irish activities for this year a new Inter University Equality and Diversity Group was set up, with representatives from the seven Universities. This group has met frequently during the year and organized the Changing Perspectives: Equality and Diversity in my University photo competition to celebrate this year and help increase awareness amongst staff and students. An Equality Calendar (pdf) was created with these entries and distributed to staff and students in all seven universities to continue raising awareness on the diversity of the University sector throughout 2008.

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Introduction to Cross-cultural Awareness

11 December, Trinity College Dublin

Venue: Room 3051, Arts Building. 10-1pm.
Facilitators: Louise Staunton and Paul O'Keeffe (ICOS).

This half-day seminar was provided by the Irish Council for International Students and was designed to introduce issues of cultural awareness to those who work with international students. Intercultural understanding is important for a wide range of staff who have contact with international students in many different contexts (e.g. student advisors, tutors, administrators, receptionists, security staff, student services).


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Bisi Adigun - Anti-Racist Workplace Week Guest Speaker

Bisi Adigun, Director of Arambe Productions, was the guest speaker of Anti-Racist Workplace Week 2007. His talk 'Arambe Productions: Re-imagining the fear gorm in the contemporary Irish imagination' addressed the issues surrounding the representation of the black man in Irish theatre, cinema and television, followed by a lively discussion with the audience. The talk was chaired By Prof Brian Singleton from the School of Drama.

Bisi Adigun discussed the transformation of Ireland and the Irish from being the poor 'black of Europe' (as quoted from The Commitments), to becoming a prosperous country with significant levels of immigration in a short period of time. He highlighted that the complexities of the new diverse Irish society are potentially a great source for drama; but that this was not being reflected in contemporary drama and television, where the black man and immigrants were consistently depicted as outsiders, asylum seekers, criminals or victims.

Arambe Productions was founded to allow black and immigrant actors a voice in Irish theatre and provide a different perspective on Irish society. The company has produced new versions of both Irish drama and traditional African plays over the last few years. Most recently they have produced with Roddy Doyle a new version of the Playboy of the Western World, which has been playing in the Abbey to huge success.

Bisi Adigun highlighted the importance of drama's transformative power, not only reflecting society but shaping attitudes, quoting Bertold Brecht, ''(art) is not a mirror to be held up to the society but a hammer with which to shape it”. Bisi argued further that 'if the perception of most Irish people have of black people is negative, it is important for Irish drama to present another perspective rather than reinforcing these negative perceptions by representing them'.

Further information on Arambe Productions

Bisi Adigun: originally from Nigeria, he is a playwright and founder of Arambe Productions. He has been living in Ireland since 1996 and is currently completing his PhD in Trinity College.

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Anti-Racist Workplace Week November 2007

Following on the success of last year’s Anti-Racist Workplace Week the Equality Office announced College’s participation in this year’s national campaign sponsored by the Equality Authority.

Racism Free Zone
This year the Equality Authority promoted a ‘Racism Free Zone’ campaign. College departments and administrative units were encouraged to take part actively by displaying the materials provided: posters, stickers, postcards and coasters.

Anti-Racism Focus Group
One of the outcomes of last year’s Anti-Racist Workplace Week was the creation of an Anti-Racism Focus Group. The group comprises staff from different areas in College, soon to be enlarged to include more student representation, and has met on several occasions to discuss policy and awareness issues. As part of its on-going activities the group held a special meeting with Counselling Services, Peer Support and the Senior Tutor to discuss responses to harassment or discrimination (November 14).

Guest Speaker
We were particularly pleased to announce a talk provided by Bisi Adigun, Director of Arambe Productions.

'Arambe Productions: Re-imagining the fear gorm in the contemporary Irish imagination'
Bisi Adigun discussed how Arambe has addressed the representation of the black man and immigrant in Irish theatre, with particular reference their most recent production, the new version of the Playboy of the Western World now showing in the Abbey. This was an open event and staff and students were welcome to attend.
Monday 12 November Swift Theatre, 6 p.m.

Other events
This week also coincided with the photographic competition ‘Changing Perspectives: equality and diversity in my University’ which took place in all seven Irish universities to celebrate the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All 2007.

Cross-Cultural Awareness
ICOS, the Irish Council of International Students, provided a training course to Trinity on ‘Cross Cultural Awareness: skills for working with international students’. The half-day workshop was aimed at student services, tutors, counsellors and other staff who come into contact with students.

Equality in Trinity
Trinity College Dublin is committed to promoting a respectful work and study environment where all members of the College community can develop their full potential. Respect and dignity in the workplace are key parts of Trinity's ethic and policies, with a commitment to ensuring that no member of staff or student should suffer discrimination for their gender, religion, age, marital and family status, disability, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity or for being a member of the Traveller Community.

About Anti-Racist Workplace Week
Anti-racist Workplace Week is an annual event, which is run by the Equality Authority in the Republic and Northern Ireland, in order to highlight issues of racism in the workplace. Anti-Racist Workplace Week is a key element of the National Action Plan Against Racism, which aims to develop a more inclusive intercultural society in Ireland.

For further information please contact the Equality Officer

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'The 3% Target: Best practice on employing people with disabilities in the public service'

14 September 2007 Trinity College Dublin

Mr Edward Crean, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Advisor from the National Disability Authority (NDA), offered a talk on the 3% employment target for people with disabilities.

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Equality Fund - Funding Recipients Announced March 2008

The Equality Committee's Panel awarded the following applications from staff and students funding in the first round of awards for 2008 (Total funding €6,000). There will be a second round of funding applications held later in 2008, date to be announced. Equality Fund Projects 2008

The following projects have been awarded funding from the Equality Fund:

• ‘Please Talk’ awareness campaign (SU Welfare) €700
• Israel-Palestine Comedy Tour and Workshop (Amnesty International, Trinity branch) €1,000
• Islamic Awareness Week Inter-Faith Dinner (Muslim Student Association) €350
• Developing Inclusive Practice workshop (Day Nursery) €310
• Mental Health Policy training programme (Counselling Service) € 700
• College grounds signage and audiotape in accessible formats (buildings, flora and fauna information) (Facilities Management) €1,000
• International Women’s Day (Dublin University Gender Equality Society) €770
• Work Life Balance information morning (Housekeeping Department) €1,170


Disability Review

College is currently carrying out a review of its policies and practices to promote the recruitment and continued employment of staff with disabilities. This review furthers College’s commitment to creating a positive work environment that is disability friendly and increasingly accessible.

The Code of Practice Applying to the Employment of People with Disabilities has recently been revised after extensive consultation with staff and other stakeholders.

For further details see College Disability Review or contact the Equality Officer.