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Why are you here

why here

The main aims of this website are to provide information about how to become more aware of your communication ability, to consider barriers to effective communication, and to suggest some practical tips and technological support to improve how you use your communication skills.

Becoming a successful communicator is a journey of a lifetime. Good communication skills facilitate intellectual, psychological and social functioning, and influence most aspects of how we live. Communication is all-pervasive in our lives, from instant messaging by verbal and non-verbal means, to how we use language and thought for reflection that helps us make sense of our being. The main focus here is on how you use your communication abilities, addressing the questions:

  • How do you use verbal and non-verbal language to communicate effectively?
  • What are the barriers to effective communication?
  • How do you develop your communication skills?

On a practical level, check if this website has something to offer you

  • Do you have problems getting your message across?
  • Do you lack confidence in your communication ability?
  • Does the thought of making a verbal presentation make you feel nervous?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you meet people you don't know well?
  • Do you want to be more outgoing?

If you say YES to one or more of the questions, the website will provide ideas about recognising the barriers to good communication, and help with problem-solving for your communication concerns.

There are other supports available to you so if you have a diagnosed learning disability or if you experience acute avoidance, anxiety or stress, please make contact with your Tutor and/or the Counselling service for advice and appropriate support.

Last updated 4 April 2013 by Listen, Speak & be Heard (Email).