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support technology

So far you have read about the things you can do to improve and enhance verbal communication skills. The purpose of this page is to promote practical solutions on how to use Web 2.0 technologies to help you have our say!

Web 2.0 technologies allows users to read and write content to the web, they become authors of content through the use of on-line blogs and wikis. Not intending to replace the personal performance, Web 2.0 can provide a certain level of independent support and act as a tool to enhance the communication process. Using Web 2.0, technologies can provide members of the College community, the opportunity to enhance their personal performance within the different contexts of the College experience, e.g. teaching, learning, social, community etc.

  • A blog is an online weblog set up by an individual user/owner. The owner can post different types of commentary, e.g. text, audio, images etc to their blog on any project or subject of their choosing.
    Readers of a blog can comment on the blog content.
  • A wiki allows a group of users to have equal authority to post, edit and save content to a web site. All users can become equal contributors to a wiki.
    Wikis are very useful when working on shared projects.
  • Pod-casts allows users to add audio to a presentation or create a video/audio file when alone, the pod-cast can be used to support a presentation or performance.

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