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Lack of Experience

lack of experience

Arriving to participate in College life may be exciting, but for many, it is also daunting. Some courses have a high level of small and large group project work, with frequent verbal presentations to be made, where effective communication is key to progress. Secondary schools do not always provide a model of learning like this, so lack of experience in presenting work to a group of peers, with lecturer(s) evaluating your knowledge and skills, can be extremely difficult.

Some students will have had extensive experience in debating at 2nd level which will have provided excellent opportunities to develop you presentation skills. Others may have had very little experience, making even the thought of taking in public an obstacle to be dreaded.

resenting knowledge and problem solutions for the first time requires some practice, so you can get the feel of it and become confident in your ability. You do not need to be perfectly confident, but to have enough confidence to get your points across clearly.

For help on presenting please visit the Student Learning website As well as this, you may need to think about your confidence and make some decisions about increasing self-confidence as well as your presenting skills. This can mean taking on a decision to change.

Last updated 4 April 2013 by Listen, Speak & be Heard (Email).