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Independent Summer Internships

Doing an international internship is a great way to gain valuable work experience and to experience another culture.

All Students also have the option to independently organise their own summer internship aboard at any stage during your time here in college. It is possible that these internships may be paid/ funded, depending on the employer. European internships of sufficient duration should also be eligible for Erasmus traineeship grant**

In terms of organising it, we would recommend using Trinity's Career Advisory Service. Specifically there are lots of internship options to be found on Trinity’s career gate: -> You can then filter by country and by category (e.g. engineering and technology, or one of the other relevant categories). There are also various other websites that may be of use in finding an international internship. The Career Advisory for the Engineering School, Marielle Kelly, may be able to advise further on this.

If there is a specific engineering/ research area that you wish to work in, we would also recommend talking to specific professors working in that research area, who may be able to give you helpful advice and potentially useful contacts.

** Erasmus traineeships grants are available for credit-bearing and independent internships (i.e. voluntary internship that doesn’t form part of your course). They require you to apply in advance and fill in paperwork about your learning objectives etc. The amount given depends on the cost of living in the host country. Please Erasmus traineeship grant section of Trinity’s website for more details.