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Student Testimonials

It's not just us - others are talking about us too!

Isabella Irving
Engineering Undergraduate

In order to learn, I need to be pushed and my engineering course not only pushes me to become a better learner but also provides me with the opportunities to expand my knowledge. The people in engineering, not just the course itself, also have enriched my experience. Being surrounded with people that are academically driven and interested in the same things has allowed me to collaborate and learn from my peers.

Brian Hughes
BAI in Biomedical Engineering

Studying Engineering in Trinity not only helped me establish the fundamentals to become a technically competent engineer, but broadened my knowledge across the interconnected disciplines in MedTech and Health Care industries.

Biomedical Engineers are a relatively new breed of graduates, not a lot of us exist. Gaining a holistic view of this profession is imperative to success in becoming problems solvers, innovators and project drivers in your career. Graduating will equip you with the skills and confidence to take on roles in multinationals, start-ups, research hubs and clinical environments.

Biomedical Engineering is a highly inter-disciplinary field. To make useful and meaningful contributions in this area, it is vital that Biomedical Engineers are able to bridge the gaps of knowledge between the different sectors. We have to be credible in our conversations with physicians, patent lawyers, regulatory bodies and human factors engineers to name a few.

Pranav Manish Vora
Engineering Undergraduate

The need for exposure to a wider environment also has prompted me to seek an opportunity to study in Ireland. The dedication to teaching, research and an atmosphere conducive to learning is of imperative need which we can get at Trinity. It would also help people to learn global standards in this field and become aware of worldwide completion, being a valuable experience to everyone studying.

Nathan D’Arcy
BAI in Electronic Engineering

Studying Electronic Engineering at Trinity College has been a wonderful experience. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from experts in numerous fields, from telecommunications to bioengineering, which has allowed me to discover my academic interests and given my career path direction. I’ve developed skills to analyse, understand and mould the physical world to create technological solutions to human problems.

At Trinity, I’m not just stuck in the lecture hall - there’s a great mix between hands-on lab work and theory. Being able to walk into the EE undergraduate lab at nearly any time and tinker with projects by myself is an invaluable teaching aid. There’s a mountain of lab equipment and parts available for your use, and the lab technicians are always around to give you a hand.

Trinity also has a fabulous social life, and it is my classmates that have made my university experience so special. There has been an incredible sense of community with us all supporting each other academically when needed, and socially by having fun outside the classroom too!

Pranjal Bathla
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Postgraduate

It has been a great learning experience, both personally & professionally. It gives a great opportunity to meet people from different nationalities and develop a new perspective. During my time here I have met so many people who have opened my mind to new experiences and possibilities. I was lucky enough to get an amazing chance to do a month's internship in Deloitte Ireland.

Senan Stanley
BAI in Electronic and Computer Engineering

Engineering at Trinity is unique. Trinity’s general approach to education lends itself to a well-rounded engineer. As well as being educated in my specialty I gained a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of engineering. Personally, I’d prefer to be a computer engineer with a grasp of thermodynamics or an electrical engineer with a working knowledge of physical chemistry. The broader your knowledge, the easier it becomes to spot similarities and patterns in problems. Trinity offers this.

If I were to surmise all of time from Trinity into one thought it would be that although each course you take will be formative in choosing your discipline, any course you choose will improve your critical thinking, stimulate your creativity and solidify your ability to work in a team. These are the skills that will stand to you in later life, regardless of your career path.

Peadar Ó Maoláin
BAI in Electronic and Computer Engineering

When it came time to make the difficult CAO decision on third level education, I was unsure of what stream of Engineering I wanted to take. The two years of general engineering made it clear that Trinity was the best option, as it allowed me to experience first-hand what each stream entailed.

In my fourth year, I opted to take the optional work placement and spent 8 months working at a software company in Dublin, allowing me to gain experience which was invaluable in beginning my career. On returning to Trinity, I completed the integrated Master’s degree. While very challenging, the year was also extremely rewarding and has allowed me to progress my career much further. While the initial choice I made on the CAO was a difficult one, it is one that I have not regretted once.

Meenakshi Suku
MSc. Bioengineering

When I joined TCD for the MSc in Bioengineering, it was a whole new world for me. Being an international student, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was interesting, it was competitive and most certainly a lot of fun. I absolutely loved the exposure I received throughout the course, including conferences, presentations and trainings that happened in collaboration with other institutes. I particularly enjoyed Tissue Engineering and found my passion for it! After having completed a research assistantship in RCSI Bahrain, I’m back in TCBE for a PhD in Cardiac Tissue Engineering. The experience and skills I obtained during the MSc program has helped me immensely and I would blindly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in research!

Greg Campion
MSc. Bioengineering

I really enjoyed the MSc course, I specialised in the Medical Device Design stream and it was everything I had hoped it would be entering the course. It involves thorough detail from device design to all steps and processes required for getting a device to market. It is very clear now that every aspect of the course is tailored to be extremely relevant for industry. I am currently an R&D engineer in Boston Scientific Galway working in the structural heart division. The MSc absolutely helped me secure the position as my entire thesis was about improving the durability of transcatheter heart valves for the treatment aortic valve stenosis, which is the type of device I am now working on in Boston Scientific. I couldn’t recommend the course enough for anyone considering - it opened an awful lot of career paths and doors I didn’t know existed prior to completing the MSc.