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Trinity College Dublin's Professor Ciaran Simms Honoured with Best Oral Presentation Award at CMBBE 2023 Symposium

19 May 2023


Trinity College Dublin's School of Engineering researcher, Professor Ciaran Simms, has been recognised for his work in the field of biomechanics. Professor Simms recently received the overall Best Oral Presentation Award at the prestigious CMBBE 2023 Symposium, further solidifying Trinity College Dublin's reputation for excellence in engineering research.

The CMBBE (Computational Methods in Bioengineering and Biomechanics) Symposium 2023, held annually, brings together leading researchers and professionals from around the globe to discuss the latest advancements and breakthroughs in computational mechanics applied to bioengineering and biomechanics. This year's symposium, hosted in Paris, France, attracted a diverse array of participants from academia, industry, and healthcare.

Professor Simms from Trinity College Dublin's Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering, presented his innovative work during the symposium. His oral presentation, titled "An Overview of the Structure and Mechanics of Passive Muscle Across Different Length Scales" was awarded the prize for Best Oral Presentation.

Professor Simms’ research focuses on soft tissue biomechanics and injury and sports biomechanics. In addition to the muscle mechanics presentation, he also presented a paper on the reconstruction of athlete kinematics from video at the conference.

Research work of Niamh Hennessy MSc. showing the extracellular matrix of muscle at different length scales PhD work of Kevin Gildea, funded by the Road Safety Authority

The Best Oral Presentation Award, recognises the exceptional quality and significance of Simms’ research, as well as his ability to communicate complex concepts effectively and engage the symposium attendees.

Trinity College Dublin continues to cultivate a vibrant research environment, fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence across various disciplines. The recognition earned by Ciaran Simms at the CMBBE 2023 Symposium is a testament to the university's commitment to nurturing talent and making significant contributions to the advancement of engineering and scientific knowledge.

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