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Course Structure

The M.Sc. in Electronic Information Engineering consists of taught modules and a project amounting to 90 credits. The taught component comprises modules totalling 50 credits. In the first semester, students must take modules worth at least 25 credits while in the second semester they take the balance of the credits. M.Sc. candidates will, in addition, complete a substantial research project and submit a dissertation which accounts for a further 40 credits to be eligible for consideration for the award of the degree. Part-time students are required to take 50 credits of taught modules in the first year and the research dissertation in the second year. Term dates can be found here.

All candidates are required to take the following modules:

Research Project/Dissertation (40 credits) Prof. Anil Kokaram

Research Methods (5 credits) Dr. Enda Bates and Dr Tim Savage

Statistical Signal Processing (10 credits - Sem 1) Prof. Anthony Quinn

Introduction to Deep Learning (10 credits - Sem 1) Dr Francois Pitie

In addition, candidates select a further 20 credits from the following list of options to bring their total credits to 90:

Speech and Audio Engineering (5 credits - Sem 1) Dr Naomi Harte

Advanced Medical Imaging (5 credits - Sem 1) Dr Michael Monaghan

Audio Engineering (5 credits - Sem 1) Jimmy Eadie

Self-Organising Systems (5 credits - Sem 1) Dr. Nicola Marchetti

Next Generation Networks (5 credits - Sem 1) Dr. Nicola Marchetti & Dr. Marco Ruffini

Spatial Audio (5 credits - Sem 2) Dr. Enda Bates

Motion Picture Engineering (10 credits - Sem 2) Prof. Anil Kokaram

Integrated Systems Design (5 credits - Sem 2) Dr. Rhona Wade

Audio Production Techniques (5 credits - Sem 2) Jimmy Eadie

Topics in Optimisation & Control (5 credits - Sem 2) Prof. Biswajit Basu

Digital Image & Video Processing (5 credits - Sem 2) Dr Francois Pitie

Micro-Electronic Circuits (5 credits - Sem 2) Dr Justin King

Some of the module options in either semester may be withdrawn from time to time and some new modules may be added, subject to demand. Sample timetables can be found here & here. These will be updated over the summer for the coming year.

The course handbook for 2020/21 can be found here