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The pass mark for all elements is 50%. The overall mark for the course is the credit-weighted average of the mark awarded for each module. To pass the taught modules students must achieve an overall average mark on taught modules of at least 50% and either a) pass taught modules amounting to 50 ECTS credits or b) pass taught modules amounting to at least 40 ECTS credits and achieve a minimum mark of 40% in any failed module. There are no supplemental examinations or re-assessments. To qualify for the award of the MSc degree, students must submit a dissertation and achieve a pass mark in both the dissertation and the taught modules. Students who do not pass the taught modules will not be allowed to submit a dissertation but may be eligible for the postgraduate diploma.

In order to qualify for a Masters with Distinction, students must as a minimum a) pass all taught modules, b) achieve a final overall average mark for the course of at least 70% and c) achieve a mark of at least 70% in the dissertation.

Further information on postgraduate applications can be found here.

Course Handbook

This course handbook can be found here.