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Jane Cassidy – The Night After I Kicked It


Jane Cassidy’s (MMT 2008 ) visual music piece ‘The Night After I Kicked It’ won an honourary mention prize at the Punto Y Rya 2011 Festival held in Madrid in November 2011 and is featured on their showcase DVD.

Punto y raya Official Website


The music and animation were composed simultaneously to create a cohesive, tightly synchronised piece. Each element is of equal importance yet the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It is an abstract piece – there is no narrative, rather both elements of the composition influence each other to create the structure and movement of the work. Within the animation the use of colour, image placement on screen and the matching of images to sounds is used to create a type of associative synaesthesia.

The piece was originally composed with 11 channels of audio for 10.1, with height surround sound.

More About Jane


Live projection visuals by Jane Cassidy

Jane Cassidy

Jane Cassidy is a Dublin based multi disciplinary artist and educator from Galway. Primarily trained in music composition, Jane earned a Masters in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin in 2008. Jane's main interests lie in visual music, live Vjing, electro-acoustic composition and multi-channel work. 

When composing Jane simultaneously develops animation so that there is a very precise correlation between both. The ultimate goal is to create or imply a type of associative synaesthesia wherein both elements are inextricably linked within a minimalist aesthetic.

Jane's Official Website

Janes Official Vimeo

Within the past year Jane has concentrated on developing her compositions through a varied manner of projection approaches such as projection mapping, using a smoke machine and projecting on trees. Experimentation is central to her work, and she is constantly attempting to forge new methods in order to further the visual music experience. Jane aspires to engage the audience with her work as much as possible and to expand the already growing field of visual music.

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Neil Smyth – Pattern Study



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Neil Smyth is an MMT graduate (2012/13), and he created a very interesting audiovisual study using adobe Premiere and Illustrator and Abbleton live.  The piece is inspired by the graphical representation of the motion of sound waves, aliasing/interference and Moiré patterns.



Shane McKenna – Animated Graphic Scores



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Shane McKenna (MMT 2008) is a music maker and music teacher based in Dublin, exploring the use of non-traditional notation, particularly animated notation, to create musical collaboration. Animated graphic notation consists of moving shapes and symbols, which suggest musical ideas or gestures to be interpreted by a performer or performers.

Shane's Official Website



April Keane – Feed//Data



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Silk Chroma – Visual Music Award 2011



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Silk Chroma a visual music collaboration between music composer Linda Buckley (MMT) and visual music artist, Maura McDonnell (MMT 1998) and with the concept direction and assistance of Dermot Furlong (Course director, MMT) and Gavin Kearney has been screened, installed and presented across a range of festivals and venues, from the Trinity College, Printing House to a recent screening to be held in Macao, China.  It won an honorary award at the Frankfurt Visual Music Award 2011.



Ocusonics – Live Visual Music and Fixed Media Visual Music



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Ocusonics (Paul O’Donoghue, MMT 2007)  is an Irish composer/ audio visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. He has released music under a number of pseudonyms for a variety of labels and produced music for television and radio. To date his audio visual work has screened internationally in more than 150 festivals and galleries in over 40 countries.

Underpinning all of these disciplines is Ocusonics, the real-time generation of synchronous audio and visual material

Ocusonics Official Website

Recorded live in the experimental TV Studio New York, simple tones, buzzes and glitches are transformed into visual representations using 70s technology



Ian Cudmore - Chutney Films – Melody in video


Ian Cudmore (MMT 2005) founded chutney films in 2007 creating video works for broadcast and for the web.  Ian short Into The Light supported by the Arts Council was aired on RTE’s The Works on November 29th 2012.  Chutney films has been involved with video documentaries of the wonderful singer songwriter Lisa Hannigan.


Chutney Films Official Website

Chutney Films Vimeo Channel

Chutney Films Youtube Channel

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Mark Linnane

Mark Linnane is a digital artist, creative technologist and video producer. He uses generative procedures to make work that has unanticipated emergent qualities, realized in software, moving image, sound and assemblages of objects. Previous projects include Wind Garden (2013), an outdoor installation of childrens’ windmills, commissioned by the Performance Corporation; Storydress (2013), for the arts and health organisation, Helium, for which he designed the hardware and software for a sensor-enabled, sound-making costume for storytellers; CloudLANDS (2013), also for Helium, for which he designed hardware and software for interactive art projects; Splitzo, a cycle of video pieces made in collaboration with the improvised music ensemble, Cortisol (2010), selected for Punto y Raya Madrid 2011; Walk Don’t Run (2008), a dance film in association with Catapult Dance Company, commissioned by Project Arts Centre; Cortisol/Retinol (2007), for which he made software and projections for interactive performance; Art of Decision (2005-2006), a documentary film commissioned by the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College, The Weathering (2004), a concert film for Donnacha Dennehy’s music which was premiered at Lincoln Centre, New York in 2004; and the multimedia theatre piece, audience (2003), which utilised motion sensing software for the gestural control of sound. He holds an MPhil. in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin, and a BA in Music and Philosophy from University College Dublin.

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Libby Fabricatore - Freelance Avid and Final Cut Pro Editor


Libby Fabricatore


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Libby  Fabricator (MMT 2004) is a freelance Avid and Final Cut Pro Editor, working in NYC since 2005.  You can view all the videos and works Libby has been involved with on her website.  Libby is also an Intermedia musician and drummer and is a member of the Glenn Branca Ensemble.


Visit Libby’s showcase website

Visit Glann Branca Ensemble website




Chris Flynn - Designer and videographer and animator



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Chris Flynn (MMT 2008) work as a freelance designer, mostly doing print-related things but also some web and motion-graphic stuff. He also makes some sort of electronic music as Euphiophone. It has beats but would probably frustrate a dancefloor. I like making noise with guitars and that often ends up in there.  Chris helps organise Second Square To None, a label/promoter/blog group that attempts to provide a forum for more experimental strands of everything from electronica to noise to etc.


Official Website

Official YouTube Channel