Guest Lectures, Workshops and Master Classes


Each year MMT organizes a number of guest lectures, workshops and Master classes in variety of subjects such as composition, sound design and digital signal processing. In addition, the Music Composition Centre in Trinity College runs a number of master classes, lectures and recitals throughout the year. A full list of this years events at the Music Composition Centre can be found here.

MMT Guest Lectures / Workshops



Lina Andonovska 27th January 2017

Judith Ring 9th February 2017

Susan Doyle 17th February 2017

Ricky Graham 7th March 2017

Benedict Schlepper 15th March 2017


Fergus Kelly 22nd November 2016

Kevin Brew

Joby Burgess

Nick Roth

Lina Andovoska


Garrett Sholdice composer, co-director of Ergodos
Kate Ellis

cellist, artistic director of Crash Ensemble

Kevin Brew documentary maker, sound designer, musician and producer at RTÉ Radio 1
Thom Conaty co-founder of _maker
Benedict Schlepper Connolly

composer, co-director of Ergodos

Gianfranco Ceccolini / Harry van Haaren

project developers at MOD audio effects


Previous Years

Michelle O'Rourke
mezzo-soprano (Ergodos Musicians, Crash Ensemble,,,,)
Jonathan Nangle

composer, lecturer in music technology/electroacoustic composition at the RIAM

Judith Ring
composer, co-director of Strike The Air
Matthew McCright
pianist (Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe,,,,,,)
Iarla Ó Lionáird
singer, producer (The Gloaming, Crash Ensemble,,,,)
Kyle Gann
composer, musician, musicologist
James Tenney

composer, music theorist

Donnacha Dennehy, Interview with James Tenney, Contemporary Music Review


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