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Module Name: Audio Engineering (optional)
ECTS weighting: 5 Credits
Contact Hours: 22 x 1-hour lectures
78 hours independent study
Module Coordinator: Jimmy Eadie

This module aims to provide students with an introduction to the theory and practical skills central to audio engineering practice. The skillsets acquired from this module will enable the student to carry out recording tasks to a proficient level.Critical and analytical listening is a learnt skill and can be acquired through practice. Students will be introduced to techniques to refine their ability to distinguish, programme frequency response, tone, spatial and spectral content and dynamic control..

Module Content
On successful completion of this module, students should be able to address all of:
Critical and Analytical Listening
Recording Studio Operation
Microphone Type/Operation
Recording Techniques
Phase/Polarity of Signals
Recording Hardware/Software
Audio Connections, Analogue/Digital
Spectral/Dynamic Processing
Spatial Effect Processing
Stereo Recording Techniques

Recommended Reading List
Ballou, G., 2008. Handbook for Sound Engineers, 4th edition
Streicher R. & Everest F.A., 2006. The New Stereo Soundbook, 3rd edition.
Rumsey, F. & McCormick, T., 2009. Sound and Recording: An Introduction; 6th edition
Katz, B., 2014. Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science; 3rd edition
Huber, D., 2013. Modern Recording Techniques,
Owsinski, B., 2009. The Mix Engineers Handbook, 3rd edition

Methods of Teaching and Student Learning
The teaching strategy is based on lecture presentations and practical studio workshops. All lecture materials will be made available on a local server. There will also be listening sessions where the students are encouraged to participate in discussions. Formative assessment is carried out during the course of the module.

Methods of Assessment
3 Audio Engineering Assignments
Assignment 1 Critical Listening Test (20%)
Assignment 2 Stereo Location Ensemble Recording  (30%)
Assignment 2 Recording, Mixing and Mastering Multitrack Project (50%)