About the Programme

MMT Graduates

The MMT programme is a full-time, twelve month course.  The first and second semesters form a self-contained Postgraduate Diploma course which provides the necessary music, video, computational and technological skills to allow creative individuals to engage in computer-assisted audio-visual composition and production, engage in audio signal processing system design, apply software tools for the music and media industries and/or enter the arena of media production.

The third semester, which is open to who passed both the first and second semesters, has a greater research orientation and requires the completion of a research project and written thesis.

The overall objective of the MMT programme is to provide a thorough grasp of the principles and applications of computer, audio and video technologies in combination with significant exposure to media related topics such as music, visual music, and interactive installations.  Artistic creativity is stimulated and developed over the year of the programme through a combination of exam and assignment-based work, and culminating in a final thesis which features a significant and original contribution of a technological and/or artistic nature.

The breadth of coverage is a characteristic and unique feature of the MMT programme, and this allows students to specialize in those areas which they find most interesting.  Students emerge from the programme with a strong grounding in the scientific and technological principles behind digital audio, video and computation, and with a well-developed artistic sensibility.

Foundation Principles of Music and Media Technologies


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The Music and Media Technologies program receives ESF funding support, funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013.

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