Home-Schooling: An international parental perspective

This research examines motivations for and implementation of home-schooling in Ireland and Western Australia.

Increasingly, more parents are reporting that they are unhappy with the formal schooling system and are choosing to home-school their child(ren). A wide range of motivations have been identified, leading to parental choice for home-schooling. There has, however, been very little research that looks at the actual implementation issues associated with providing an effective learning outcome.

This survey aims to explore the perceptions of parents regarding both issues. Information is being sought on parental reasons for home-schooling their child(ren) together with the impact of this alternative approach to formal schooling on the child(ren), parents, and the family. It also seeks additional information on sources of support and meeting government requirements. The research is supported by ethical clearance.

This important research is initially focussing on the perceptions of parents who are home-schooling their child in Ireland or Western Australia. It is planned to extend the research in 2023 to other countries and across all states and territories in Australia. If you are currently home-schooling a child(ren) and live in Ireland or Western Australia, we would really appreciate you providing your perceptions and experiences.  

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