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Research Expertise

    • Title
      • Tuning India
    • Summary
      • This 3 year project is designed to assist the process of undergraduate programme reform in four subject areas, medicine, computer science, law and education in 15 Indian universities. The reforms include the evaluation of current provision, the development of graduate profiles, student-centred curriculum and pilot implementation of new programmes in each field using the Tuning methodology.
    • Funding Agency
      • European Commission
    • Date From
      • January 2018
    • Date To
      • December 2021


    • Title
      • Developing All -Round Education DARE +
    • Summary
      • The project is designed to to systematise the work on 6 generic competences carried out so far in different universities and to jointly design stronger pedagogical proposals for the development of each of these competences in different educational and national contexts.
    • Funding Agency
      • European Commission
    • Date From
      • September 2014
    • Date To
      • November 2016


    • Title
      • Feasibility Study for the Opening of a Second-Level School by Educate Together
    • Summary
      • The project examines some of the significant factors influencing the opening of a second-level school by the Educate Together organisation.
    • Funding Agency
      • Educate Together
    • Date From
      • May 2007
    • Date To
      • October 2007

Higher Education; Higher Education, Public; History/Philosophy of Education; philosophy of education

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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