I am an Associate Professor of Language Education at the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. My research interests lie in the area of language teaching and learning and technology enhanced learning. I am particularly interested in the use of computational, corpus and network science methods to examine language data. I am currently academic director for Learnovate, the research and innovation centre focused on educational technology funded by Enterprise Ireland and hosted in TCD.

My background is in language and computation. I hold a degree in French and Italian, a Masters in Theoretical Linguistics and a PhD in Computer Science. In industry, I have worked on machine translation and speech synthesis products in the language domain as well as prototypes for network management systems in the telecoms domain. I teach and supervise masters and doctoral research in the area of language teaching and learning and technology enhanced learning.




Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

    • Title
      • Digital Family Literacy: using digital technologies to support literacy of parents and children
    • Summary
      • The over-arching goal of this project is to use technology to improve the literacy skills of parents with literacy learning needs through a family digital literacy programme. This project will focus on parents in families with children in stages 1 and 2 of primary school (junior infants to second class). The specific literacy focus will be the constrained literacy skills which are key components of the Junior Primary Language Curriculum (NCCA, 2017). The over-arching goal will be addressed through the following research questions: 1. What are the individual and family literacy practices of families where a parent has literacy learning needs, in particular focusing on the uses of and access to technology? (See Work Package 2: Family digital literacy survey) 2. What technologies to support literacy are effective in developing constrained early literacy skills (e.g. letter knowledge, phonics)? (See Work Package 3: State of the Art Review in Technology to support early literacy) 3. Can these technologies, employed in a family literacy programme, support family literacy practices and develop the literacy skills of both parents and children? (See Work Packages 4 and 5 below to design and evaluate a family digital literacy module using an experimental research design)
    • Funding Agency
      • IRC
    • Date From
      • 1 Sept 2019
    • Date To
      • 1 Sept 2021


    • Title
      • Blended Learning in Schools: A Universal Design Approach
    • Summary
      • The purpose of this project is to empower teachers to develop pedagogical competences for establishing effective and engaging learning experiences in a digital space, whether as part of a blended experience or wholly online. With the consortium partners from Ireland, Greece, Belgium and Spain, representing a mixture of second-level teachers and education researchers, we will address the common aim of harnessing UDL to achieve 'an EU-wide common understanding of how to make distance, online & blended learning effective, inclusive & engaging' (a strategic priority of the EC Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027). The project will address two key areas: inclusion and digital pedagogical competences, with the main target group being second-level teachers. The approach will be based on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework (, an inclusive approach to teaching and learning that offers all students an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential. This framework offers students different options for accessing, building and internalising learning. It guides teachers to provide multiple means for students to: a) engage with; b) represent; and c) action/express their learning. A key output of this project is to provide a digital overlay to the UDL framework to scaffold teachers' implementation of UDL principles in remote/blended contexts, such as during school closures. The other project outputs will flow from the development of this digital overlay, to provide further layers of supports for teachers to adopt digital learning principles of UDL. These include: a self-evaluation tool for teachers to identify aspects of the digital UDL framework with which they require support; an associated learning model to support teachers' creation of digital, UDL activities that include a focus on key skills and competences; Open Educational Resources to scaffold implementation of the framework; and a professional development module which will focus on Area 5 of the DigCompEdu Framework: empowering learners through accessibility and inclusion, differentiation and personalisation. These tools will aim to support teachers and schools to develop inclusive strategies for the digital provision of teaching and learning in their own educational context, with an overarching goal of ensuring high levels of student engagement notwithstanding the mode of content delivery.
    • Funding Agency
      • EU
    • Date From
      • 1/5/2021
    • Date To
      • 30/4/2023


    • Title
      • Enabling Technology Enhanced Assessment OF/FOR/AS Learning in Higher Education: The Evidence
    • Summary
      • This project assumes a view of assessment that is embedded and integral to teaching and learning and where assessment data is used by both staff and students to progress learning towards learning goals that are explicit and shared. It will focus on assessment as a measurement and record of learning, ultimately for accreditation (summative) as well as assessment as a tool for both teachers and students to evaluate and progress learning (assessment for learning). Assessment as learning focuses on the student as an actor in the assessment process, setting success criteria, peer and self-assessing, and using these activities to progress their learning. The Digital Roadmap identifies a clear need to prioritise the development of high-impact and best practices within the learning environment 'that leverage the potential of digital technologies to support student learning and substantially contribute to evidencing pedagogical excellence'. (Digital Roadmap, p49). Technology offers great potential in the area of assessment, opening opportunities for experiential learning, collaborative learning, speedy or instant feedback and among a range of possible affordances. However, the reality of incorporating technology into institutional structures and of transforming pedagogical practice to embrace the possibilities of technology can be fraught with difficulty. The aim of this project is to conduct a systematic literature review and meta-analysis to synthesize and summarize previous literature and to identify best and next practices through a depth of understanding of prior research in this domain. Incorporating both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. This will provide a holistic overview of research findings, generating a solid evidence base for professional transformation in this domain.
    • Funding Agency
      • Irish Research Council
    • Date From
      • 9/1/2017
    • Date To
      • 9/1/2018


    • Title
      • Semantic connectivity: a new computational framework to investigate distributional properties of language which optimise second language acquisition
    • Summary
      • This project is a computational corpus analysis of semantic connectivity in general language and second language learner data to explore the hypothesis that Small World Network (SWN) properties that hold in lexical knowledge bases are not just an artefact of language representations but may be a causal factor in second language acquisition. Research has shown that humans are highly sensitive to distributional properties of language data and that this impacts on language acquisition. This will be the first systematic corpus analysis of second language acquisition data which focuses on semantic connectivity, leveraging the powerful distributional regularities of SWNs, and has the potential to open a new dimension in the field of language acquisition.
    • Funding Agency
      • Fulbright Commission
    • Date From
      • 1/1/2016
    • Date To
      • 1/7/2016


    • Title
      • Threshold Concepts in Language Teacher Education (TC4LTE)
    • Summary
      • Threshold Concepts (TCs) have emerged over the last ten years as a useful metaphor and tool for curriculum design and research with work conducted in higher education settings. TCs are defined as those without which it is not possible to engage in the practices and discourse of a discipline, in this case language teaching. This project aims to identify threshold concepts for language teacher education and the conditions that facilitate the learning of these concepts. The project incorporates the voice of professionals in the field articulating key moments of learning in their careers and the voice of the student teacher articulating their learning over the course of their initial teacher education programmes. The project aims to draw on the broad experience of language teachers North and South to identify threshold concepts for language teaching and to examine the degree and manner of integration of threshold concepts within ITE programmes North and South.
    • Funding Agency
      • SCoTENS
    • Date From
      • September 2012
    • Date To
      • August 2013


    • Title
      • Automatic analysis of text in French, German and Spanish
    • Summary
      • Sourcing, testing and building graphical user interface for text analysis tools for French, Spanish and German.
    • Funding Agency
      • Enterprise Ireland
    • Date From
      • 2009
    • Date To
      • 2009


    • Title
      • Creating the feedback loop: assessment for learning and student voice integration in JS Bess course with 150+ students
    • Summary
      • This project targets one of the greatest problems in higher education: how to respond in a timely and optimal manner to the learning needs of large student cohorts. In large lecture environments it is difficult for lecturers to assess what students are learning and what they are not. This project will implement an Assessment for Learning (AfL) approach in a Junior Sophister Marketing module with 200 students to act as a template for using AfL in higher education. An Assessment for Learning approach puts the student at the centre of their own learning experience, assessing their current state of knowledge and setting the direction for the learning experience within the module. AfL is an on-going, integral part of the learning process. It includes teacher, peer and self assessment. It is learner-driven and focused on enhancing student learning. This project will use a range of methods to build this AfL culture: clickers for quickly assessing integration of core concepts, exit passes to collect key questions for students, KWL (know-want to learn-have learnt) activities on blackboard. The goal here is to bring in the students as co-creators of their module and directors of their learning by responding to their learning trajectories.
    • Funding Agency
      • Trinity College Dublin
    • Date From
      • Oct 2015
    • Date To
      • Oct 2016


    • Title
      • Continuity of Education in Ireland during the Covid Pandemic
    • Summary
      • This primary objective of this project is to capture teachers experiences of online teaching and learning and student engagement during the current school closures. The key deliverable from this project is a policy brief on barriers, enablers and effective practices to the Working Group on Continuity of Learning. We structured the survey to ensure we capture differences across different school types and regions. The expertise of the research team in educational technology and educational disadvantage will allow us to provide clear policy recommendations in terms of engagement, pedagogy and technology in response to the study findings. The project was completed within a very short timeframe and directly to the policy body coordinating the response of the school system.
    • Funding Agency
      • TCD
    • Date From
      • 1/5/2020
    • Date To
      • 1/9/2020

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