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Disability Liaison Officers


A list of all DLOs in Schools provided as part of the set up of dissemination of LENS information in SITS are given here. DLO roles and responsibilities are listed below.

How to find your Disability Liaison Officer

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences




Disability Officer School contact


David Byrne


Gerard Gallagher -

Creative Arts

Dr Nick Johnson

01 896 2295

Declan Treanor -


Dr John Kubiak

01 896 3442

Aisling Claffey -


Rosie Lavan

01 896 2337

Kieran Lewis -

Histories and Humanities

Robert Armstrong

01-896 1578

Kevan O'Rourke -

Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies

Dr Rachel Hoare

01 896 1842

Andrew Costello -


Liz Heffernan

01 896 1625

Eithne Coleman -

Linguistic, Speech and Communication Studies

Prof. Ailbhe Ni Chasaide

01 896 1348

Andrew Costello -


Lorraine Swords

01 896 3638

Gerard Gallagher -

Social Science and Philosophy

Dr Michelle D'Arcy

01 896 5003

Gerard Gallagher -

Social Work and Social Policy

Assistant Prof Michael Feely

01 896 4101

Declan Treanor -

School of Religion

Alexandra Grieser/p>

01 896 4777

Kevan O'Rourke -
Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science        

Biochemistry and Immunology

Ms Martha Motherway Gildea

01 896 4257

Gerard Gallagher -


Iouri Gounko

01 896 3562

Declan Treanor -

Computer Science and Statistics

Paula Roberts

01 896 2517

Andrew Costello -


Patricia Hughes

01 896 1383

Eithne Coleman -

Genetics and Microbiology

Adrian Bracken

01 896 3695

Kieran Lewis -


Ms. Karen O'Doherty

01 896 1889 Andrew Costello -

Natural Sciences

Dr Catherine Coxon

01 896 2235

Gerard Gallagher -


Dr Plamel Stamenov

01 896 4350

Kevan O'Rourke -

Faculty of Health Sciences


Dental Science

Heather Reilly

01 612 7275

Declan Treanor -


Sharon Thompson

01 896 3829

Gerard Gallagher -

Radiation Therapy

Claire Poole

01 896 2973

Clare Malone -

Nursing & Midwifery

Valerie Smith

01 896 4031

Kieran Lewis -

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Helen Sheridan

01 896 2806

Eithne Coleman -

Occupational Therapy

Dr Clodagh Nolan

01 896 3211

Anna Galvin -


Sarah McLaughlin

01 896 2110

Anna Galvin -

Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr Annemarie Bennett

01 896 2477

Declan Treanor -

What does a Disability Liaison Officer do?


Trinity has a well-established support system at School-level to ensure the needs of students with disabilities are addressed. Each school has a nominated staff member who is a key contact within the School for issues relating to disability support, called a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO).

The role of the School DLO is to oversee/monitor the School's process to ensure the effective dissemination and implementation of Reasonable Accommodations proposed by the DS. The DLO responsibilities include the following:

  • To ensure that School staff who need to be aware of students' Reasonable Accommodations have access to the information in SITS.
  • To raise with the relevant Director of Teaching & Learning and/or the Disability Service any concerns regarding accommodations that may impact the academic integrity or core competence standards of teaching and learning within the School.  
  • Liaising with Disability Service staff, their School's Directors of Teaching & Learning and Programme/Course Directors, and assisting in making Reasonable Accommodations for students, and exchanging information as required.
  • The DLO is the first point of contact for students with disabilities when dealing with disability queries.
  • The DLO should have a general awareness and understanding of University and school policies, procedures, and practices, and how these may impact on students with disabilities and long term conditions.     
  • The DLO should also have an awareness and understanding of Equality and Disability legislation, to ensure that their school is compliant with the legislation and is promoting inclusive learning for all students
  • The DLO is not expected to have expert knowledge of disability issues. However, it is important that they work in collaboration with the Disability Service to identify training needs within the school.
  • To be part of a University-wide network of DLOs for the purposes of sharing expertise, good practice and relevant knowledge, skills, and experience. The network will be supported by the DS
  • To report to Academic Registry any technical issues with the SITS system for sharing students’ (LENS) Reasonable Accommodations
  • To develop effective working relationships and establish positive lines of communication with the DS
  • To attend training, workshops, and information events organised by DS.