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How long does this really take?

The length of time varies depending on the evaluation type you complete and your subject area. Generally it should take between 20 minutes and 45 minutes. You can split the work between your colleagues also by inviting collaborators to complete your evaluation.

What if?

You do not have 20-45 minutes free in which to complete an evaluation?

  • You can complete an evaluation in one sitting or save it and return to it when you please. You can choose to complete a subsection a day, or even one question per day. It is entirely up to you.

You have opened an evaluation and see that there are a lot of subsections!

  • Don't panic! While some evaluation types have up to 15 sections, many subsections are very short - with only two or three questions each. None have more than ten questions. Furthermore, you can skip those subsections that are irrelevant to your discipline.

Some subsections are not relevant to your practices.

  • Some subsections (for example, Problem Based Learning, Placements) may relate to teaching practices that you do not employ. Where this occurs, there will be an option to skip the entire section.

Some subsections would be better answered by colleagues.

  • You may feel that some subsections would be better answered by colleagues. If you go to the Evaluation Front Page (see figures below) you will find the option to invite collaborators.

You have completed some subsections and would like to get feedback

  • If you are unable to fully complete the evaluation you can still get feedback on your work so far by going to the Evaluation Front Page and clicking on the option to get 'interim report' (see figures below). This has all the functionality of the final report apart from the summary table of key suggested actions.

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