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Student Self Management Tool - Unilink Service

The Unilink Service aims to enable students to engage in their academic and non-academic occupations in support of their student role. As part of this process, a Self-Management Programme has been developed within the Unilink Service to support students to develop self-management strategies and to engage in their student role and manage their mental health whilst still performing and meeting their deadlines as a student. The programme involves individual meetings between the student and their Unilink Occupational Therapist (OT).

The aim of the Unilink Self-Management programme is to develop a structured format in which the OT and Student can work collaboratively within a recovery-focused framework to develop self-management strategies that can contribute to their health and well-being. A research study is being carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of this programme for students attending the Unilink Service using a two pronged approach to investigate the effectiveness from the perspectives of the students.

Programme Overview

  • The programme involves individual meetings with the student and the OT to ensure that it is focused upon the student as a unique individual and finding ways that work for him / her.
  • The programme is workbook based and the student and OT work through each section of the programme. However this is done at a pace that suits the student and on the areas that the student wants to focus upon.
  • The student can take the workbook with them at the end of the programme.
  • The OT can provide more information if the student wants to know more about specific areas or resources available.
  • To ensure that the student is meeting their current demands while engaging in the Unilink Self-Management Programme, each meeting will have time devoted to discussing any current issues / demands that the student has in college and to plan how to address these.

For more information, please contact Kieran Lewis at

Kieran Lewis

Occupational Therapist