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TCD Sense Student Spaces

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Sensory elements have been included in the design of the newly re-developed student spaces outlined below.

  • JCR Hamilton The JCR Hamilton contains seven smaller rooms, off the main open plan area, with three additional alcove spaces. High back sofas and chairs also provide a sense of enclosure in the open plan areas, beanbags providing alternative seating options.
  • JCR Arts – Room 4017 The JCR Arts in room 4017 offers a relaxed environment with some enclosed sofa space. This area has lots of bright colours and is well suited to those who are seeking sensory input.
  • JCR Goldsmith – Parlour JCR Goldsmith – is an open plan room with pool tables, areas to eat and enclosed high back sofa spaces. This area is louder is generally louder than the other student spaces but can still provide a good environment to meet with people or eat lunch.
  • JCR Trinity Centre Health Sciences The JCR in the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences has also been fitted with new furniture. Further developments in all student spaces will continue over the coming months.