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Service Dog image of a guide dog

Some students with disabilities may require the assistance of a Service Dog as a Reasonable Accommodation in Trinity, including in areas where animals would not typically be permitted (i.e. Trinity provided residential accommodation).

Students who require a registered Service Dog as a Reasonable Accommodation must contact the Disability Service with as much advance notice as possible.  The student must provide documentation to confirm that a registered recognised medical professional has prescribed a Service Dog as a necessary treatment for their disability and that the animal is a registered Service Animal. Students may be required to participate in a Health & Safety Assessment to ensure that they are not exposed to unnecessary risks while using the campus facilities.

Where possible, a student will be permitted to live on-campus with their Service Dog.  Access to Trinity provided residential accommodation and other areas on campus must be negotiated in advance of the student arriving on campus.  Students are responsible for the care of their animals and must ensure that they are under effectual control at all times and do not cause a disturbance to others on campus.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an international term and is not legally classified under Irish Law.  Currently most Irish third level colleges including Trinity do not allow Emotional Support Animals on campus.

Students seeking to bring their service dogs to Trinity premises must apply for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service and provide evidence that their dog is a trained and certified service animal.