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Respite Space Access image of a respite chair

Trinity now provides three respite spaces; one in Arts Building(managed by the DS); one in the Sports Centre; and one in the TBSI. These spaces are available to students who have applied for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service and require a respite space during the academic year.

Respite spaces are quiet rest areas in Trinity where students can take time out during the day to rest and recuperate. They benefit students who experience fatigue, pain, or discomfort as a result of their disability. The Arts Building respite room is managed by the Disability Service and is provided only to students who have applied for supports with the DS. Only those who have been specifically referred for respite by their Disability Officer can access this room. Your student card needs to be activated on referral from your Disability Officer.

Booking a Respite Space

Entry to Room 2032 in the Arts Building is by student card access only and must be booked in advance of use.  Students are limited to 1 booking per day to ensure availability for other students. Room 2032 can be booked through the online calendar only. The online booking form shows availability.

For further information, please contact your Disability Officer.

Terms and conditions apply for the usage of these spaces: