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Training Resources/Instructions

For general information on the duties, roles and responsibilities of an Education Support Worker please see the Educational Support Worker Handbook developed by DAWN.

Specific information relevant to specific Educational Support Worker roles is available under the headings below.

Notetaker Resources

Top tips for Notetakers


Guidance for (DIS1000) Notetaking Module on Blackboard Learn

  1. To access the Disability Service module on Blackboard, please follow the steps below:
    • Enter URL
    • Insert your student login details:
      • Username: e.g. csmith
      • Password: e.g. support123
    • Click on DIS1000 module – this is the area that notetakers and students will access notes.
  2. Important information for notetakers
    • In compliance with Data Protection law, Please do NOT include your name or the students name in the file uploaded to Blackboard (i.e. the lecture notes).  The DIS1000 Module on Blackboard is a confidential area to efficiently manage notes. Notetakers and Students should not share the notes with anyone other than their student.
    • The following name tag format should be used for student notes being uploaded to the relevant course folder to make them clearly identifiable to the student:
      • Course short code and full name_Term_Teaching week no_date_notetaker initials
      • e.g. BU3570_HR Management_MT_WK7_14.10.15_CS
    • Notes will not be accepted in any other way (e.g. outlook)
    • Uploaded notes will be checked regularly by the ESW administrator and be a source for checking monthly casual payment forms
    • Issues with uploading or downloading notes should be forwarded by email to the Disability Service ESW administrator at
    • Technical issues related to usernames or passwords should be forwarded to it the IT Service Desk at

How to upload and download notes from the (DIS1000) Notetaker module on Blackboard Learn

Students may follow steps 1 to 4 to view notes that have been uploaded for them.

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn

  2. Access the Disability Service Notetaker Module (DIS1000)

  3. Ensure that 'edit mode' (top right corner) is turned on and select the relevant course folder from the menu on the left side of the page.

  4. Select the relevant Module from within the course folder.

  5. Select 'Build Content', a drop-down menu will appear.

  6. Select 'File', the screen below will appear. Select 'Browse My Computer' and upload the notes from your local drive. Label the notes in the format Course Module Code_Module Title_Term_Week_Date_Your Initials. e.g. BU3570_HR Management_MT_WK1_29.09.20_KOR

  7. Select Submit and make sure that your notes have been uploaded. If you experience any difficulty with this process please contact Kevan O'Rourke by email or by phone 087 113 3185.

Academic Assistant/Subject Tutor Resources

Top Tips for Educational Support Workers

Exam Scribe Training/Resources

A Scribe/Invigilator and Student are required to complete a short 10-minute online training session in advance of the student’s examination. Please watch the Scribe training video below

Scribes and students are required to complete the forms linked below to confirm that they have completed Scribe training and practice sessions in advance of the student's exam(s). Any issues that arise during the training or practice sessions must be brought to the attention of the Disability Service in advance of the student's exam. It is the responsibility of both the Scribe/Invigilator and Student to ensure that this process is followed.

Educational Support Worker FAQs

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