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What is an Educational Support Worker (ESW)?

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An Educational Support Worker (ESW) provides support to students who have applied for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service to help them fulfil their academic potential. The supports required are determined by the students' needs assessment as part of their application with the Disability Service. Applying to be an ESW provides a valuable opportunity to undertake rewarding paid work that also looks good on a C.V.

ESWs typically work a few hours each week as required, and are primarily recruited internally from the Trinity postgraduate community. ESWs assisting students with disabilities agree to the Terms of Registration for the Educational Support Workers.

Job descriptions

Each of the roles listed below have been developed through the Disability Advisors Network (DAWN) and are cohesively applied across all Higher Education Institutes nationally.

To view the full guide of the job descriptions please click on this link.

To apply, please click on this link to fill in the application form.

Rates of Pay


Rate per hour

Laptop note-taker




Academic Tutor


Library Assistant


Alternative formatting


Lab/academic assistant


Claiming Payment

To be paid you must complete a casual pay claim form and return it to the Disability Service Office. Payment is made on the last day of the following month.

The timesheet must contain the following:

  • Signature of the Educational Support Worker
  • Initials of the student for whom the work has been done
  • Type of role
  • Rate of pay
  • Total hours must be tallied
  • If working with more than one student, complete the individual sheet per student and the paysheet itself.

A claim form from the Disability Service can only be used for work with this department. If you have any queries, please contact

Instructions for uploading student notes to the Disability Service Blackboard module

Follow the step-by-step guidelines laid out in the document by clicking on this link.

Induction Programme for Educational Support Workers

All successful applicants will be required to attend an induction programme which will address the following:

  • Guidance on roles and responsibilities.
  • Basic disability awareness training.

For more information please download the ESW booklet by clicking on this link .


To read the disclaimers please click on this link here.

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