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Dyslexia Consultation


Dyslexia Consultation

Dyslexia / specific learning difficulty consultations are available to students whose performance in coursework (assignments) and examinations, is impacting on their progress and performance in Trinity. DS does not conduct tests or assessments for Dyslexia, the consultation with a Disability Officer is designed to provide:

  1. Discussion around academic and dyslexic type difficulties;
  2. Exploration of learning styles;
  3. Information on options for external dyslexia assessment;
  4. Introduction and navigation to available assistive technologies and human resources. 

Students may request a consultation with a Disability Officer by completing the following steps:

  • Allow at least one term or semester to settle into academic life, and to become familiar with university requirements, expectations and skills.
  • Make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your Tutor.
  • If your Tutor is concerned that underlying difficulties may be impeding your performance, they should refer you for a consultation with the Disability Service by completing the Tutor Referral Form. Tutors must provide information relating to weaknesses identified in academic performance in coursework and examinations.  Information for Tutors on Specific Learning Difficulties is available from

DS will provide a Dyslexia Consultation including suitable advice on external assessment for students who wish to pursue a full psycho-educational assessment from an educational psychologist, which is required to apply and avail of supports from the Disability Service. A list of registered psychologists is provided by the Psychological Society of Ireland which can be found by clicking on this link .

Students who are advised to seek a formal assessment and who experience financial hardship, may apply to the Student Assistance Fund