TextHelp Read & Write

TextHelp Read and Write is a software package that provides a floating toolbar to support writing and literacy skills for students with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties.

Read and Write Assistant

It contains all the features including:

  • Speech feedback,
  • Word prediction,
  • Phonetic spell checker,
  • Talking dictionary and talking calculator.
  • Convert scanned paper documents into word files that can be read aloud and edited
  • Capture text or images (with their sources) from any application including the Internet.
  • Convert text into audio files for use on portable audio devices such as MP3 players or some mobile phones.
  • PDF Aloud, which facilitates speech with highlighting in PDF files.

How to get access to the software:

This software is available for students registered with the Disability Service. Just follow the video instructions below, if you have any issues or queries please contact Andrew Costello at acostel@tcd.ie .

  1. Visit: https://text.help/gethome in your browser:
  2. Scroll down till you see
  3. Click on Try Read&Write today.
  4. Now select your platform and click Install:
  5. For Windows, select - a file will download.

Read&Write for Windows: Student Take-Home Installation

This video will help you download Read&Write on your Windows PC at home. You'll need your institution email and password, or a 'Take-Home' code you have been provided to get started.

Once you have launched Read&Write

  • On the top right-hand side of the screen, click the ‘person’ icon
  • Click Sign in > Show more
  • Use the google sign-in option and type in your TCD username and password to activate the software.

Logo of Chrome and Edge web browsers


Read&Write for Windows - Dictionary

Learn how to use the dictionary feature in Read&Write for Windows

Read&Write for Windows - Highlights

Using the research highlighting tool.

Read&Write for Windows - Scan

Using the scanning tool from PDF to word.

Read&Write for Windows - How to use Check It

Check It is Read&Write’s new and improved spelling, grammar, and confusable word tool that allows users to be notified of potential errors as they type. Students (and teachers) can now check their writing for grammar, spelling (including phonetic), capitalisation, punctuation, verb tense, homophones and more!

Using the PDF Reader Tool

Learn how to use the PDF Reader in Read&Write

Using the Prediction Tool

Learn how to use the prediction feature in Read&Write for Windows.

Using the Audio Maker Tool

Read&Write for Windows - Audio Maker

Using the Screen Masking Tool

Read&Write for Windows - Screen Masking

More Help?

For more support on using & troubleshooting Read & write please check out the - Read & Write website

For further guidance, please view our academic support page.