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Hard of Hearing / Deaf Technologies


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Image of a student taking notesFor someone with a hearing impairment, it’s easy to believe that their hearing aid is what sets the limits for how well they can hear –Although today’s hearing aids provide good sound reproduction, in demanding environments many users of hearing aids still experience the technology’s limitations.

Hearing technologies aim to break down such barriers :

  • A microphone captures what is being said around a meeting table or of an individual sound source, such as a telephone or a lecturer.
  • The sound is processed so that speech is enhanced and background noise filtered out.
  • The sound is then transmitted to a receiver, and from there to the user’s hearing aid, hearing implant or headphone.

Supported Software

Comfort Digi-System

Image of the comfort system line of products

Wireless Comfort Digi-System enhances speech and filters out disturbing background noise before it reaches your hearing aid. The hearing products in the Comfort Digi-System series have been developed for environments with a lot of background noise. They use a unique digital technology to enhance speech and filter out disturbing noise before the sound reaches your hearing aid. Comfort Digi-System also delivers clear sound over long distances, which is a great advantage during lectures, for instance.

Online Help & training

For online support for troubleshooting your Comfort system device please view the Digi-System website at -

Comfort Contego Audio device

Image of the comfort system line of products

Comfort Contego is a high definition, digital wireless FM communication system designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound. Unlike other wireless systems, Contego transmits an encrypted signal over secure coded channels. Contego has all the functions you need to maximize the quality of sound in a modern, easy to use, portable package which offers total flexibility. Contego is available with earphones or T-coil inductive neck loop for use with or without hearing aids.



Online Help & training

For online support for troubleshooting your comfort Contego audio device please view the supplier help website at -

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Conversor Audio device

Image of the comfort system line of products

Conversor Pro is an affordable assistive listening device that offers users the versatility to enjoy the most out of everyday life. Conversor Pro is the perfect hearing companion for anyone with a hearing difficulty. It is designed for easy use with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids or earphones.

Personal assistive listening device for use at home, at school or university and in the workplace.

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces unwanted background noise
  • Amplifies desired sounds near and far
  • Versatile for everyday use
  • Personal FM system
  • Additional receivers can be added for group situations

Online Help & training

For online support for troubleshooting your conversor audio device please view the product user manual available here: Conversor Pro User's Manual

Trinity installed loops Systems

Loop Systems

A loop System enables hearing aid users hear various sound sources in large rooms or reception areas, in auditoriums, offices, theatres, or other large public areas.

A loop of insulated wire is fixed around a designated listening area and is connected to a power source, an amplifier and a microphone.

Hearing aids which have the ‘T’ switch can be set at this position, thus allowing the user receive a signal, which is carried from the microphone to the amplifier and is transmitted through to the loop wire, similar to a transmitting aerial.

We have a number of loop systems installed around the university. Find there locations here.

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Smart phone / Tablet Apps


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This app vibrates your phone and flashes the screen to draw your attention to nearby sounds.

Relevance This app would be very useful for those who need more than just a hearing aid. For example if their office phone is ringing when at work their smart phone would help indicate that.

Usefulness This app wouldn’t personally help me, but I can see how it could help others.

Click this link for more information & to download - Tap Tap app

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VoxSci for Mobiles

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VoxSci transcribes your voicemails into text and delivers them to your mobile as a text (SMS) message and/or as an email with MP3 attachment.  Alternatively you can read/listen to your voicemails via our FREE App.

Click this link for more information & to download - Vox Science

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Academic Support help

For further help and gaining strategies to help you take effective notes please view are academic support page which give you information on:

  • How to use your lecture note effectively
  • Strategies for taking notes in a lecture
  • Introduction to the Cornell method of note-taking