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Student with disabilities applying for Trinity accommodation

For students with disabilities applying as new entrants, you can have your application considered under special consideration due to the impact of a disability. When applying for Trinity Accommodation new entrants with disabilities should complete the Special Consideration Application Form available on the Student Accommodation website.

Continuing students with disabilities should complete the online accommodation application form and Special Consideration Application Form in February of the year of application and review the criteria used by Trinity as outlined below:

The Disability Service will review disability evidence supplied to the Disability Service at RA application and/or accommodation application and will take into account the following criteria when prioritising applications for accommodation:

The nature and impact of disability – as stated by the applicant and documented with appropriate evidence. Priority will be given to applicants with the most significant needs based on mobility, balance, stamina and strength.

Proximity: Where the impact of the disability is such that the student will experience significant and prolonged difficulty with walking even short distances to the university or might experience significant fatigue due to the impact of a significant disability. An     example of when this might be appropriate may include a student with a significant visual impairment or a student with a significant physical or mobility difficulty

Accessible Accommodation: Where the impact of the disability is such that student      requires accessible accommodation. An example of when this might be appropriate may include a student who is a wheelchair user who requires accommodation that is adapted     to the needs of an individual with a physical disability or a student with a sensory disability.

Based on the criteria above, the Disability Service will review all applications given to them by the Accommodation Office and will make recommendations to the Accommodations Office. As part of your application, you must indicate that you have applied for reasonable accommodation with the Disability Service and provide consent for the Disability Service to review and support your application. In turn, based on the availability of rooms in Trinity Accommodation and the priority given to applications, the Accommodations Office will inform applicants of any room offers.

Further information and advice on student accommodation can be found at -

Out of Hours and Non-Academic Personal Care

Trinity funding does not cover expenditure for personal care, medical treatment/supplies, or other supports required outside study/ course contact hours or the academic year, including those that can reasonably be expected to be provided by another agency such as the local health service where you are ordinarily resident. Please follow this link for further information on out of hours and non-academic personal care.


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