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It is important to remember that, as much as you may find your time in TCD to be enjoyable and personally enriching, like all things it must eventually come to an end, making it necessary to consider professional employment. Because it can be challenging to plan ahead for your career and to manage the transition from college to employment, we recommend that you visit our 'Planning your Career' section of our website for useful information, we would also encourage you to attend the Careers Advsiory Service for additional support.

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Not So Different Innovation in association with Trinity College Dublin

Not So Different innovation supports 50 young neuro-diverse people towards employment and to support an additional 100 young people along that same journey over a three year period. As part of this initiative we provide training to promote a greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of neuro-diversity and to increase capacity to support such individuals. Not So Different supports individuals to employment and provides on the job support by working with employers and employees to ensure a successful work experience. Not So Different would like to extend support Trinity students and staff in an outreach capacity where services would be delivered on campus.

Not So Different innovation is the first of its kind in Europe, bringing together both neurotypical and neurodivergent students to showcase their individual talents to prospective employers over time. Students can develop and showcase their individual talents through community based projects and avail of neurodiversity employment supports in a creative, innovative digital hub.

Opportunities for Trinity students

We provide employability skills training and support talented creative individuals to become work-ready, and build connections with employers that value talents such as logic and pattern thinkers, thinking in pictures, problem solving, analytical abilities, creative and innovative abilities and others. The innovation hub include:

  • Identification of strengths, and assessment of employability.
  • Undertaking 'enterprise readiness training.
  • Attending seminars and workshops on social and life skills.
  • Participating in an industry mentoring program with employers.
  • Being considered for internships or work experience assignments.
  • Working with employment support team on feedback from work experience opportunities.

  • Interested in getting job this Summer? Would you like to work part-time, full time or contract?
    For more information please click on this link.

Opportunities for employers.

Some of the opportunities for employers include:

  • Providing industry mentorships.
  • Offering life skill seminars for students in their area of expertise.
  • Providing internship/work experience opportunities.
  • Participating in regular employer forums to share advice and discuss experiences.
  • Accessing training to support becoming a neuro-diverse employer.
  • Gaining access to a pipeline of talented job candidates.

Opportunities for Trinity

  • Provide valuable opportunities for research in the area of neuro-diversity.
  • Facilitate innovation among Hub partners and collaborators.

Not So different logo

Not So Different Innovation

Is an innovative digital hub (space) the first of its kind in Ireland bringing together
pattern and logic thinkers problem solvers and innovators solutions focused individuals
with talents to enhance the workplace.

Students will enhance their employability skills through innovative work placement projects
working with potential employers in the community.

Employers will have access to work with a currently untapped pool of creative potential employees
and the opportunity to increase their knowledge awareness and understanding
of the true value of neurodiversity in the workplace

Trinity will have the opportunity to learn more about neurodiversity
through research and collaboration with Not So Different innovation

What’s in it for students?

What’s in it for employers?

Increase employability skills

Create truly neuro-diverse workplaces

Enhance your individual talents

Identify creative innovative talents through the Hub

Showcase these talents to employers

Work with individuals and learn about potential reasonable accommodations needed in the workplace environment

Secure work placements, internships or jobs

Increase innovation and enhance competitive advantage by hiring talented individuals through the Hub.

More information available from Declan Treanor at