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Trinity Ability Co-op

The Trinity Ability Co-op is a collaborative initiative between students, staff and other stakeholders. The Co-op provides opportunities for members to work together towards inclusion in Trinity. For more information or to find out how to join visit the Ability Co-op webpage!

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Trinity Ability Co-op's Mission, Strategy and Goals

Trinity Ability Co-op Mission, Strategy, Goals

Download a text version of the Trinity Ability Co_op's Mission, Strategy and Goals [pdf]

Where is the Trinity Ability Co-op?

The Ability Co-op will be based within the disAbility Hub in Printing House Square. The Co-op space will be student-run and can be used for meetings, project work and events. For more information on the Printing House Square development please visit our dedicated PHSQ webpage.

What kind of projects are the Co-op working on?

The Ability Co-Op is student-lead, and all projects and activities are proposed and mutually agreed by its members. From media campaigns to creative workshops, we can all contribute and work together towards enhancing inclusion in Trinity. Our projects for this year include:

  • Creating a clear and accepted identity for disability support in Trinity.
  • Ensuring that students have a say in what the disAbility Hub will do and how it will function.
  • Creating Media content to give students with disabilities a platform to share their stories.
  • Opening space to the disability community for out of hours use e.g. Autism social groups, disabled activist meeting spaces.
  • Improving the Assistive Technology spaces in Libraries.
  • Ensuring that room spaces remain student-centered.

ability 1 process map

ability 2 process map

Why should I get involved?

Members of the Co-op have the opportunity to ensure that their voices are heard, and they can take ownership of inclusive practice across the Trinity community. The Co-op is also a great platform for developing skills and gathering experience that is beneficial for personal and academic development, as well as future employability. Participating in the Co-op provides opportunities for individuals to develop in areas such as communication, team work, networking and leadership. Not only is participating in the Co-op beneficial for the development of personal skills, graduate attributes and career-readiness, it’s also a great opportunity to contribute to Civic Engagement in Trinity. This enhances eligibility for accolades such as the Dean of Students Leadership Award.

How can I join the Ability Co-op?

Membership of the Ability Co-op is open to anyone who is interested in contributing. You don’t need to have any particular skills or previous experience. Simply contact to express your interest.

The Ability Co-op on Social Media

All of our latest news and activities are posted on our social media channels:

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