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Incoming International, Visiting and Erasmus students with Disabilities

International Students (non-EU).

If you are a student from outside the EU you must apply through academic registry. For more information please click here.

Students with disabilities or learning difficulties studying abroad can face additional challenges and may avail of reasonable accommodations and supports while studying at Trinity. You are encouraged to contact the Disability Service in Trinity in advance of accepting your place so that we can assist you with your plans and advise you on the types of support available. Please email all enquiries to

You should apply for reasonable accommodations with the Disability Service as soon as you register for your Trinity course. Information on applying for reasonable accommodations can be found here. You will need to upload evidence of disability when applying for reasonable accommodations in Trinity.

Please note:

* A letter listing your exam accommodations is not sufficient. 

* Reasonable accommodations that apply in your home country may not be applicable in Trinity – check here. The Reasonable Accommodations that Incoming International students receive in Trinity may differ from those accommodations received in the student’s home institution. Reasonable Accommodations for Incoming students will be provided in line with the guidelines outlined in our Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Examination Guidelines linked here.

* Evidence of disability must be provided in English. 

* Evidence of disability not originally in English must be translated by a recognised professionally recognised translator.

Funding for International students

It is recommended that you contact the Disability Service in Trinity in advance of accepting a place at Trinity, so we can advise you on the types of support available. Incoming International and Erasmus, visiting or exchange students should apply for funded supports in their home country and/or home university in advance of arrival.

UK Students

Students from the UK (England, Scotland, and Wales) are not eligible for supports that may have been recommended in their Disability Student Allowance application in the UK. UK students with disabilities will be able to register for disability supports offered to all other registrants, but no funded supports on the DSA application will be discussed. Please make sure to review disability supports provided by Trinity and exam accommodations (e.g. human note takers are now replaced, wherever possible, by use of relevant assistive technology) when deciding on studying abroad.

Northern Ireland Disabled Students' Allowances

Northern Ireland Disabled Students' Allowances provide extra financial help over and above any reasonable adjustments made by a Higher Education Institution. Students should get a DSA needs assessment carried out by a DSA recommended provider in Northern Ireland and ensure this needs assessor makes themselves aware of the disability supports provided (e.g. human note takers are now replaced, wherever possible, by use of relevant assistive technology and the purchase of equipment supported via DS NI should be bought directly by the student and is not supported by Trinity DS). If a student requires one to one specialist supports it is advisable that this is organised by external providers.

Services not funded by Trinity or external funding bodies

Trinity funding does not cover expenditure for personal care, medical treatment/supplies or other supports required outside study/course contact hours or the academic year, including those that can reasonably be expected to be provided by another agency such as the local health service where you are ordinarily resident. For further information on out of hours and non-academic personal care please click here.