Image of Summer Interns 2022 outside the Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

The Disability Service have a long history of employing our students as summer and graduate interns with hugely positive interns. Providing a variety of opportunities across the college allows disabled students to explore possible career paths and develop skills that will prepare them for the future workplace.

Summer interns will be part of a supportive community here within the Disability Service. This may be a student’s first experience in employment, and we want to ensure that it is accessible and inclusive. The following support will be provided to all summer interns:

    • Induction programme
    • Optional needs assessment
    • Reasonable Accommodations
    • Advice on disability in the workplace
    • Weekly peer-support meetings
    • Continued Occupational Therapy support 

On this page you find information about our current intern opportunities as well as read about the experiences of past interns