Exam Accommodation Guidelines

Guidelines for the application of reasonable accommodations for in person and online end of semester examinations and assessments.

In advance of the end of semester examinations, to assist staff and students to understand and prepare for exams, the Disability Service provides the following guidelines for the application of exam accommodations in the upcoming examination period.

Exam OptionsWhat this isDisability reasonable accommodations and considerationsWho is responsible for administering this exam?
In person timed Exam up to 5 hours In person exams refers to exams being taken in person, Students within person exams availing of exam accommodations will take their exams on campus.  For University scheduled end of semester exams, Extra time is added per the LENS report.  For Departmental scheduled end of semester examinations. Departments are responsible for ensuring reasonable accommodations are provided to students with exam accommodations in their LENS.  Examinations Office
Take-Home Offline Exams up to 5 hours. Take-home exams may be longer in duration than traditional in person exams.

For Take-home Exams extra time is applied. Departments provide additional time on blackboard after the original submission time.

See Example

  • 2 hour exam. Approved extra time is 10 mins per hour add 20min= Exam time 2hrs 20 mins
  • More information on adding additional time on Blackboard via the website. 
Academic Department
Take home offline assessment This exam type is an open book assessment with a much longer format that a traditional exam. Extra time is not applied as it is assumed you are not working on the assessment all of the time.  Academic Department
Real-Time Online invigilated Exams / Proctored Exams Real-Time Online Invigilated Exams refer to timed exams offered remotely for which students may not use any materials.

These exams are conducted through online examinations in Blackboard and they are timed, live sessions.

This exam type will be open for several hours and the recommended duration is like that of the normal exam, with some additional buffer to allow for students to navigate the system.

If a student has been granted extra time for exams on their LENS, their exam must be extended to allow for these exam accommodations. Additional time of 10 (15, 20 or 30) minutes per hour will apply to all timed exams and assessments of different durations. Departments must ensure additional time is added on blackboard. For example, for exams and assessments of different durations, 10 minutes per hour is applied as follows:

  • 2 hour exam. Approved extra time is 10 mins per hour add 20min= Exam time 2hrs 20 mins
  • 3 hour exam Approved extra time 10 mins per hour add 30 mins 3 hours and 30
Academic Department