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Exam Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am registered with the Disability Service; Will I have access to reasonable accommodations for online and in person exams?

    Yes. If you were approved for reasonable accommodations by the Disability Service for examinations, you will still be entitled to reasonable accommodations. If you have any queries about your examination accommodations, please contact the DS at

  2. Do I still get extra time for examinations if I was approved for it previously?

    Yes. All students registered with the Disability Service and who have been approved for a reasonable accommodation of extra time will be provided with this support for in person and online timed exams.

  3. What exam supports do I get for in class Department scheduled exams?

    The examination accommodations that were agreed by the Disability Service also apply to the in class timed exams.

  4. How will my other Reasonable Accommodations be applied in online examinations?

    Reasonable Accommodation

    Implementation in Online Examinations

    Use of a PC

    Students should use their own devices. Students who do not have appropriate devices should contact the Disability Service who will liaise with them to identify a suitable solution.

    Use of a C-Pen Reader

    Students should use Read and Write (screen-reading software) on their own computer or use the accessibility features in Office 365.


    Students have access to dictation software on their devices.

    Enlarged Papers

    Students should use magnification features as required.

    Group, Low distraction, or Individual Venue 

    For online examinations. This support is not required.

    Inclusive Marking Guidelines

    Students with dyslexia and students who are deaf or have a hearing impairment may opt to disclose their disability on their examination scripts in any of the examination modalities listed above. It is the student’s responsibility to copy the link to the disclosure of disability linked here 

  5. I have an end of semester assessment of over 5 hours, does extra time apply?

    No. Extra time does not automatically apply as it is assumed you are not working on the exam all of the time.

  6. Do exam accommodations apply to Coursework/Continuous Assessment?

    Coursework (Continuous assessment) refers to written work such as essays submitted to meet an assignment brief, and other written coursework activities on which students are continuously assessed, for example, blog entries, forums, case studies, presentations, and book reviews. Exam accommodations such as extra time do not usually apply to continuous assessment in Trinity.

    Students are advised to access their usual technological aids, and to engage in drafting and redrafting strategies for assignments. These technologies include Texthelp Read&Write and Microsoft 365 Editor, which provide students with the facility to hear their essay readings and essay drafts read aloud, to highlight spelling and grammar errors, and to suggest improved edits. Completion of coursework should be planned well in advance of deadline dates and support and guidance with planning can be accessed through Student Learning Development workshops and resources, and the Disability Service ASKDS Blackboard module and YouTube channel. Where extended time is required for specific assignment, students should discuss this on an individual basis with the lecturer concerned.

  7. Are flexible assessment deadlines available as a Reasonable Accommodation?

    All Schools within the University accept that students may require additional time to complete some aspects of their coursework arising from their disability. The reasons may include a period of illness for someone with a fluctuating medical condition or difficulties completing a high level of reading within a standard timeframe for students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. The individual needs of each student are considered alongside specific course requirements, meaning the length of an extension may vary. Flexibility of assessment deadlines is normally granted for a limited duration and/ or for specific circumstances. Repeated or ongoing requests for flexibility shall be reviewed by the relevant Director of Teaching and Learning and will be subject to consideration and approval by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies or Dean of Graduate Studies, as appropriate.

  8. We’re here to help, please contact us!

    Students or Staff with other questions can contact the Disability Service for more information, email or book an online appointment through our Drop-in Calendar to discuss your exam questions.